Has One of the Biggest Questions of All Time Finally Been Answered?

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Author Ian Fenn announces the release of his new book which offers answers to enlightenment seekers’ biggest questions.

"If the world is made of immortal spiritual beings living in physical bodies, then just why are they all amnesiacs?"

Announcing the release of author Ian Fenn’s new book, “The Game Maker” available in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.com and BarnsandNoble.com. This thought provoking spiritual book combines story telling with the author’s real life experiences to lead the reader through some paradigm challenging ideas on the spiritual nature of man. The story tackles subjects such as out of body or astral projection, past lives and the immortality of the soul, and should interest New Age readers and enlightenment seekers. http://www.ianfenn.com

Perhaps the biggest questions people have about life are, “Who or what am I?” closely followed by “Why am I here?” For author and spiritual seeker, Ian Fenn, there was always a far deeper question. An Englishman born in 1960, now living in Los Angeles, says that at a very early age he was able to repeatedly "pop out” of his body and explore the local neighborhood, flying through the air in what many call the astral body. As a result he knew he was not just a physical being.

With the first question answered by direct experience very early on in his life, he wanted an answer to an even more puzzling one. This question led him to read hundreds of books and explore many mystic beliefs. The question was this… "If I am a spiritual being, which I know from my own out of body experiences, then why do I not remember all my past lives, or anything about where I was just before coming into this current body?”

He went on to ask "If the world is made of immortal spiritual beings living in physical bodies, then just why are they all amnesiacs?"

To the growing number of people who actively seek to increase their awareness through a myriad of meditation techniques and other self discovery methods designed to bring enlightenment many of Ian Fenn’s findings can be rather challenging or even upsetting, requiring an entirely new paradigm to be considered.

He takes a very close look at what it means to be immortal, what is really happening with claimed past life memories and why humans cannot actually become enlightened in the sense that many are seeking to achieve.

"This book is only 128 pages long, but packs some spiritual punches that some will not be ready to accept" he says, “but I believe the ideas it contains will help many people with what they might believe are major blockages in their own journey to self discovery.”

The Game Maker is the author’s way of sharing his discoveries with others who are just as intrigued by the mystery of the missing eternal memories.

What others are saying about The Game Maker. Below are three, five star reviews from readers on Amazon.com.

“This little book will nudge you to who you really are. It does so in increments and by the time you finish the book, you’ll look at this whole earth plane with new eyes and it will de-hypnotize you. I’ve had many shifts reading and experiencing it with a knowingness that I too am an immortal spirit and recommend reading it many times.”

“This book was a brilliant discovery on Amazon and I simply couldn’t put it down!! It is compulsive reading from end to end and then over again, making you hungry to absorb more. It is profound, elusive and whimsical, with shades of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy kind of genre. It has left me with a greater curiosity to explore my own wanderings of the mind, whereas many books on so called enlightenment merely seem to stagnate the thought process, or lead one into dead end scenarios. I look forward to reading the next book by Ian Fenn.”

“A fantastic read from start to finish, couldn’t put it down. Challenges the very fabric of existence and poses questions almost beyond the comprehension of your conscious mind. The writing style takes you on a journey of adventure and discovery and starts you on a path to discovering your true self.”

The Game Maker is available as a paperback and also on Kindle. More information about the author and the book can be found at http://www.ianfenn.com.


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