Technology From Berkeley Lab Is First To Solve Ventilation Problems Plaguing Commercial Buildings

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Aerosol-based Duct Sealing Application Used To Improve Poor Ventilation Issues / Reduce Operating Costs For High-Rises, Public Buildings & Commercial Properties

Rooftop administration of duct sealing

Applying Aeroseal to seal leaks in building's exhaust shafts

This is the first real solution to solving the poor ventilation issues that plague many of today's buildings.

A duct sealing technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is the first viable solution to chronic ventilation problems plaguing hundreds of thousands of commercial buildings across the United States. Aeroseal, an aerosol-based technology, has already proven successful in dramatically improving air flow problems and significantly reducing energy costs for hundreds of commercial properties – including high rise apartment buildings, government facilities, medical centers, hotels and university buildings.

According to Mark Modera, a former researcher for the U.S. Department of Energy, and inventor of Aeroseal technology, a large percentage of buildings throughout the U.S. have poorly performing exhaust-ventilation systems. As a result, many of these buildings are operated in violation of building codes, creating health risks, or wasting significant amounts of costly energy.

In many cases, poor ventilation is caused by leaks present throughout the buildings’ exhaust shafts – leaks that prevent exhaust fans and the rest of the ventilation system from working properly. While building engineers are well aware of the problems and additional operating expenses caused by these leaks, they had no way of solving the problem – until now.

“In most cases, leaks in a building’s ventilation shafts are inaccessible and therefore impossible to repair using traditional methods of taping or applying mastic to the outside of the duct or shaft,” said Modera. “Since the Aeroseal technology is applied as an aerosol mist pumped throughout the interior of the shaft, it can seek out and reach virtually all leaks – no matter how inaccessible they may be for other duct sealing procedures. Once the mist of sealant locates a leak, it accumulates and bonds around the gap forming a permanent seal.”

According to Aeroseal LLC, the sole licensee of the aerosol duct sealing technology, Aeroseal is up to 95% effective at sealing leaks in ventilation shafts and air duct systems. Results from its use in commercial building applications have proven that the technology can have an immediate and substantial impact on increasing air flow and reducing energy costs.

“The property managers of a 23-story high rise apartment building in New Jersey recently found that aerosealing their exhaust shafts along with replacing dampers led to a $34,000 annual energy savings through the resulting increased efficiency of the two exhaust fans used to ventilate the building,” said Aeroseal’s Neal Walsh. “They are also saving several thousands of dollars more each year through increased heating efficiencies. In another application, Aeroseal was used to improve air flow to several luxury hotels located on the Las Vegas strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.    

Aeroseal LLC was formed in 2010 to license and promote the use of the aeroseal technology for both residential and commercial applications. Since that time, hundreds of commercial property owners have found Aeroseal to offer a long sought after solution to poor building ventilation.

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