Get Out of Debt Free Card, Now Available on Kindle, is a Personal Finance Book Everyone Can Understand

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Get Out of Debt Free Card, now available on Kindle, is a book covering all areas of personal finance, breaking them down into categories and providing step-by-step instructions while helping readers develop the skills they need to become debt free and get personal finances under control. No finance degree or college education is required; this book is meant for everyone.

Get out of Debt Free Card available on Kindle

Get Out of Debt Free Card, written by Karin Palminteri, is now available on the Kindle platform. The book was written with the goal of helping the everyday person become financially responsible by teaching readers how to develop skills to get out of debt and make good financial decisions. The book has everything the reader needs to know for a debt free future. There is no finance degree or college education required; this book was written for everyone to understand.

“If more people are aware of their finances and how to structure them, and they are educated on the resources available to them, they will be able to get out of debt and make good financial decisions in the future. In return, it will help our economy as a whole,” Palminteri said. “In today’s society, a lot of people make very poor financial decisions due to the lack of knowledge and skills that are required to be successful financially.”

Palminteri wrote the book in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner, leaving out the fluff included in other personal finance books. She gives the reader clear information and gets straight to the point.

The following topics are featured in the book:

  • Creating a budget: It is important to know how to create / structure and stick to a budget. A budget is a breakdown and plan of how much money you have coming in and going out. A business couldn’t be successful if it didn’t keep track of its income and expenses, and the same is true when it comes to personal finances.
  • The warning signs of debt: There are a few early warning signs of credit problems people should be aware of. When you know what warning signs to look for, action must be taken immediately to turn finances around.
  • Defining wants and needs: As we take a closer look at our spending habits during our country’s financial crisis, chances are we are still spending hard-earned money on “needs” that should really be “wants.” We must become more financially responsible for our actions and more conservative with our finances.
  • How to live within and beneath your means: It’s important to learn how to save money and live beneath your means. Your spending habits can have a tremendous impact on your financial future.
  • Creating and structuring goals: Goal setting is a very important tool to use in your life. It helps you focus on your current and future visions for yourself, while quickly identify distractions that take you off your path to your current goal.
  • Negotiating tips and techniques for credit card debt reduction: One of the best possible ways to get rid of your debt is to ask creditors to negotiate the amount to be paid. In this manner, you can ask the creditor to allow you to pay a certain amount smaller than that which is due. Before moving on to debt settling with a collection agency, you need to first understand how collection agencies play a part with your debt.
  • How to reduce expenses: Never pay full price for anything, including internet, phone, satellite and cable services prices. You have to ask for a discount to get one – everything is negotiable. Many retail stores will give you at least 10% discount if you ask. When structuring your budget for utilities, call and get on the budget plan program which puts your bill at a set amount each month. On a set budget plan, you will eliminate any potential financial surprises.
  • Important facts about banks and mortgages: What are your rights? What help is available? What loan modifications are available? Make decisions with your head, not your heart. Reduce your house taxes by filing an appeal for a property tax decrease.

It is important to read every chapter in the book and incorporate them into daily life. The chapters help develop skills to be financially successful and eliminate debt. The goal-setting skills that will be acquired can also be useful in personal life for success.

Get Out of Debt Free Card is available for the Kindle for $7.95 and can be found by clicking here.

About the Author:
Karin Palminteri has had many financial challenges in her life. She worked a full time job and two part time jobs while attending college full time for 6 years. She was a single parent raising two sons on her own with no financial support from her ex-husband while having both sons in ice hockey 5 days a week and spending only $25.00 a week for groceries. She encourages readers to not give up on their goals and dreams, reinforcing that if they push themselves hard enough, they will succeed. She is living proof.

Palminteri has a BA in Finance and a MBA in International Business at DePaul University. She is currently working as a Sr. Financial Analyst and has over 15 years of financial experience in budgeting, forecasting, costing and financial structuring. She has her own business that financially advises the budget structuring of start-ups, presents workshops for a debt-free future and provides private debt consolidation advice. She is living proof that if you have a strong desire and determination to succeed and get out of debt, you will.

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