Filmmaker Receives Death Threat After Release of Fictional Comedy Trailer for Movie "My Hometown"

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My Hometown: Some people just have a hard time distinguishing fiction from reality... and fact from opinion.

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"I think there were a lot of misconceptions about what this film really is, and what it's not." - Joel Greenberg, Director

“His hometown residents should be kissing his ass, not threatening him,” said Del Weston, CEO of the Action On Film International Festival in Los Angeles where the movie “My Hometown” placed second, worldwide, for Outstanding Cast Performance, and was also nominated for Best Produced Screenplay. “Not only did Jomar Entertainment allow over 300 local residents, city workers, and businesses the chance to be in this movie, but it offers a shot to put Peabody on the tourist’s map. Revenue to the city could skyrocket. Look what The Perfect Storm did for nearby Gloucester.”

In just 6 days on youtube, the views of the film’s trailer have climbed to almost 20,000 and continue to grow. And while most people find the trailer amusing, a few did not. “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion,” said Bash Naran, Head Producer. “But none of us expected threats. It’s pretty ridiculous.”

“At this point, we’ve simply noted where the threat came from. I’m not going to comment on what we will do about it just yet because honestly, I just don’t know,” said Joel Greenberg. The threat was posted on the youtube page and it said: If this is what you think of Peabody, then stay the F out.... And don’t ever come back... if you know what’s good for you.

“We couldn’t believe what we were reading,” said Naran. “We’re talking about a fictional film, but Joel and I don’t believe that comment was geared towards our fictional characters.”

“I think there were a lot of misconceptions about what this film really is, and what it’s not,” said Joel Greenberg, the film’s director. “First of all, it’s NOT about the real Peabody, Massachusetts. It was just set there. And secondly, although Peabody is my real hometown, the title is not referring to me. It’s referring to Richard Dickson and Reese Bieber, and all the fictional characters in the movie. It was their hometown. And if Peabody didn’t approve and sign off on it, we would have shot the script elsewhere, using other locals instead. Bottom line is we’re filmmakers and we’re gonna make the movie wherever.”

“Before the city signed off, they asked for a synopsis, and that’s what we gave them,” said Bash Naran, Head Producer. No one ever read - or asked for - the whole script. “We just paid the fees for the use of the school, did what we were told we needed to do, and we made an award winning film. Peabody should be proud to be part of that process - especially with the attention it’s getting in Hollywood.”

“Shooting a movie in the city I grew up in was the best filmmaking experience I’ve ever had. Everyone in Peabody was just great to work with, and we had some incredible times together on set. Anyone who thinks that what’s in this movie is what I really think of Peabody, and anyone who thinks this is the least bit true must be as dumb as our characters - plain and simple,” said Greenberg.

If you enjoy raunchy comedies, My Hometown, starring Ryan Merriman, Mark Munford, Casey Margolis, and “Pinky,” will take you on a hilarious wild ride that you won’t soon forget. Mixing real locals with professional Hollywood actors all throughout, “My Hometown” tells the story of three local high school buddies who team up to help Richard Dickson graduate by completing an assignment. Richard’s assignment - make a movie about his hometown and why it’s such a great place to live. Richard’s problem - he doesn’t believe it is. While completing this assignment to graduate, he accidentally stumbles upon a sinister plot by a high school janitor to get revenge on the mayor of the city for ruining his reputation and unjustly firing him.

The filmmakers have since removed all the comments on youtube, and changed their settings so that anyone who comments now must be a contact of theirs on youtube.

You can see the trailer at: or
Jomar Entertainment Group can be contacted at: jomarmotionpictures(at)gmail(dot)com


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