Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, New Book, ‘My Healing Heart,’ by Rosalie B. Kahn, Takes Readers Around the World in Author’s Search for Love and Truth

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Reeling from a painful childhood, Rosalie Kahn discovers Edgar Cayce’s teachings, joins the US Foreign Service, and has adventures and romantic escapades throughout the world, seeking – and finding – love and truth. She is now a spiritual growth teacher and healer living in Chile.

Kahn’s open and loving nature paved the way for romantic escapades and enduring friendships. When she met her “prince,” Guillermo, in Chile, neither spoke the other’s language.

"Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from being all that you can be," writes Rosalie Kahn in the dedication to her new book, "My Healing Heart: A Life Journey to Find Love," recently published by iUniverse (ISBN 978-4620-3102-3) and available now, in time for Valentine’s Day. Kahn’s journey begins painfully in New York, where she is abused, both sexually and emotionally. Where others might turn to less wholesome means of coping, Kahn looked unflaggingly forward, knowing in her heart that love and truth existed. She was determined to find both, and, in the end, she did.

Rosalie joined the US Foreign Service, living in many different countries across several continents, and, every few years, learning a new language and customs, for twenty-six years. She taught English to Polish immigrants in Austria, and acted in theatrical productions in Turkey. In Colombia, she worked for the Narcotics Section of the US Embassy in the late 1970s, amidst political unrest. In Austria she took dictation at the Hofburg Palace, home of very powerful families during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918). Everywhere, she absorbed the sights and customs of her adopted lands.

Prior to entering the Foreign Service, she discovered the teachings of Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet,” and later facilitated Cayce study groups around the world, in both English and Spanish. She underwent the difficulties of adopting an infant in a foreign land, and suffered the pain of unbearable loss. She battled weight problems and illness; she became a published poet. Kahn’s open and loving nature paved the way for romantic escapades and enduring friendships. When she met her “prince," Guillermo, in Chile, neither spoke the other’s language.

Kahn lived and is living the life that many people only dream of. She never stopped searching for spiritual awareness, and did not settle for anything less than a love-filled life. With great warmth and charm, Kahn lets you travel the world with her as she seeks, learns, teaches, heals, and, always, grows.

"This is the heartfelt story of a deeply sensitive and poetic soul living the philosophy presented in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. Easy it was not. Joyous and inspiring, it is!" ―Alice Bonnefoi, International outreach Program Coordinator, Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

"Rosalie, living life to its fullest, is an inspiration." ―Deane R. Hinton, former US Ambassador to Pakistan

"Plato said an unexamined life is not worth living. Rosalie is one of those rare people who has truly lived an examined life – one of great joy and profound sorrow. She has touched the lives of many people in many lands. Throughout her quest for spiritual growth, she has maintained her compassion and love for others." ― Ron Godard, former US Ambassador to Guyana

Where Elizabeth Gilbert spent a year in Italy, India, and Indonesia to find spiritual fulfillment and love in "Eat Pray Love," Rosalie Kahn spent many years in a quest for love and truth; fortunately for her and for her readers, she found both. After reading "My Healing Heart," you will have no doubt that your heart can also be healed.

Rosalie B. Kahn, author of "My Healing Heart," is a writer and healer whose passion is helping others create a life filled with love. Her skills in healing the heart come from firsthand experience and extensive studies – honed over decades as she lived all over the world.

The end result—Rosalie’s healing and empowerment—is a source of inspiration for anyone who has faced insurmountable challenges. The story appeals to people everywhere who want to feel whole and loved. The tools she incorporates into the book—working with dreams, meditation, and forgiveness—give people a process to create their own healed heart.

Rosalie is married to Guillermo Lopez, a Chilean. They live in Chile.

Visit Rosalie at http://www.MyHealingHeartBook.com.

"My Healing Heart" is available at http://www.amazon.com, http://www.barnesandnoble.com and other booksellers.


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