FDA Approves Cure for Snoring -- SnoreRx, a Painless and Inexpensive Mouth Guard, was Just Approved by the FDA to Cure Snoring According to Apnea Sciences Corporation

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SnoreRx mouthguard cures snoring. Apnea Sciences Corporation breakthrough product meets the new Medicare Design Standards for only $99.

SnoreRx saved my marriage, we both get a good night's sleep thanks to SnoreRx.
- Mary S.

The days of women suffering with their husband’s snoring are finally history! Women deserve a good night’s sleep as much as men. Apneas Sciences Corporation, after many years of research and development, has just secured FDA approval for its painless, non-surgical, and inexpensive cure for snoring. With over 75 million Americans who snore according to the Cleveland Clinic, this is a market changer. This breakthrough product, SnoreRx, is a new patented device which for the first time combines the best attributes of both previous types of devices. It provides the ease, low cost, and availability of “boil & bite” devices while providing the adjustability of the more expensive dental laboratory devices. The device may be precisely and securely adjusted by the patient to deliver optimal comfort and clinical effectiveness in eliminating snoring. “The secret to its design is its ability to be precisely calibrated in 1mm increments without the use of any moving parts or metal hardware of any kind. Patients enjoy that they can adjust the movement of their jaw in a safe and secure way to allow maximal comfort and effectiveness. This greatly improves compliance,” said Dr. Robert Lebby, a Board Certified Sleep Physician in Yorba Linda, CA. Reggie Binns, CEO, RPSGT New Millennium Diagnostics said, “Many competitive products employ metal hardware that can chip and break teeth, or worse. The superior design of Snore Rx is far safer and more clinically effective.” Larry Rissor, Vice President said, “Similar dental lab fabricated oral appliances cost $2,000 to $3,000, but only SnoreRx meets and exceeds the new Medicare design standards. Even the laboratory made devices cannot make this claim.” Because we eliminate the dental lab, we can pass the savings on to patients and third party payers. At only $99 it is easy to see why the demand for SnoreRx is so great. SnoreRx really is “THE prescription for snoring.” Over 75 million Americans suffer from snoring. Ordering is easy, simply go on line to http://www.snorerx.com.

The demand internationally is every bit as great as the US marked said Mr. Rissor, VP. The unprecedented demand requires us to delay the launch internationally for several months until production capacity can be significantly increased.

Apnea Sciences has a strong pipeline of products and will be releasing a new product, ApneaRx, “THE prescription for sleep apnea,” later this spring. These devices are being recommended for patients with mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea and in those patients who cannot tolerate CPAP. Many patients currently using CPAP will no longer have to suffer with the mask, hose, and machine. “Over 5 million non-compliant CPAP users are a rich market in need of our product,” said Mr. Rissor. Yes, despite the sluggish economy, American innovation is strong and thriving here in California.

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