Leading Web-Hosting Company Unveils Plans to Help Fight Unemployment

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AIT revises its reseller and partnership programs to help individuals start and grow their own businesses.

Advanced Internet Techologies

Advanced Internet Techologies

I decided that I stood a much better chance of making it if I controlled my own future versus counting on a large company to hire or fire me.

The state of the economy has been an ongoing hot topic in the news just about every single day for the past year. This doesn’t look like it is going to change with the increasing number of conflicting un-employment reports and 2012 being an election year. While some reports are stating that un-employment is down and jobs are up, others are stating that the actual un-employment numbers are being skewed to either prop up or bring down different views and opinions. So, with a slew of information, how is one supposed to get an accurate view of what is going on? Bottom line is the numbers don’t matter that much to the actually individuals involved. More than likely the average employee doesn’t necessarily care if it’s 150,000 jobs or 200,000 jobs that were created, they more worried about their job. For the unfortunate soul who finds themselves unemployed, they could care less if the un-employment rate is 8% or 11%, they only care about becoming employed. One internet company seems to understand this and has developed a solution for it.

Advanced Internet Technologies (AIT), a leading web-hosting company since 1996, has long taken a different approach to the market versus their competitors. “Most web-hosting companies market towards and develop products for the customer that wants to buy one website. At AIT, we provide solutions to individuals who are going to start their own internet business. We’re essentially their private labeled technology partner, and want the individual who is going to go out and sell the products we provide under their own brand name. Because many of our services are free, their mark up goes directly to their bottom line. We’ve built thousands of web hosting resellers, and since we started this model in 1997, nobody has done it like us.” says Roberto Blake, Marketing Manager at AIT. “Our business model’s success is directly attributable to the hard work of those resellers. We’ve empowered them with the products, but they are the ones making it happen.”

AIT’s focus and commitment to the small business owner/reseller seems to stem from its own background. The company was started under much of the same model, reselling products from a garage and gradually growing into the multi-million dollar company that it is today. Rather than looking for someone to work for and fretting about un-employment, the CEO Clarence Briggs, took the bull by the horns and started his own business. “While the worry about not being able to get a job or support myself and my family was in the back of mind, I decided that I stood a much better chance of making it if I controlled my own future versus counting on a large company to hire or fire me.” explains Clarence Briggs.

When asked why AIT chose to forge a different business model then most of their competitors, Clarence, who never passes up and opportunity to teach someone, explains “We learned quickly that a company that has a private labeled service that can be sold in a recurring revenue model is very powerful. I built my company to help others to achieve similar goals through that same model. In the long run this helps create partnerships with resellers which allow all parties involved to profit.”

AIT is also unique in the sense that they have built tools, products and systems to not only allow the business to get started, but to encourage ingenuity through their partnership program. While a lot of companies advertise similar programs, they almost always fall within a strict set of guidelines or steps. For example, if you sell x amount of products or refer y amount of new customers, you get z amount of money in return. AIT took that step farther and decided to break out of the pre-set molds and boundaries and listen to their customers.AIT’s Reseller Program allows the reseller to create an enterprise by finding his or her own niche. The market for that reseller could be a geographic area, such as the city or town in which they live, or a vertical market where they have influence such as the fashion industry. This program allows the reseller to own the customer interaction, and provide the value added service that other technology companies may not be able to.

When asked to elaborate on the details, VP of Sales and Marketing Richard Kirby smiled, “It really isn’t that technical. Not a lot of details at all. We understand that our customers know the local market and their particular skill sets better than we do. For example, one of our California customers probably knows what people need a website to look like better for that area better than we do here in North Carolina. They, as the business owner, also know their own personnel strengths and weaknesses. Our solution is to give our California customer the tools to use this knowledge and grow their business. This in turn grows our business. If one of our customers has an idea, we encourage them to call so that we can discuss it. It’s not just up to the big companies to dictate what should or shouldn’t be done in the industry. Innovation starts from the ground up; we understand that and embrace it.”


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