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Bright Medical, one of the nation’s leading distributors of medical supplies, recently hired an independent marketing consultant to conduct a study on issues surrounding urinary incontinence and adult diapers. In response to the results of the study, Bright Medical is increasing its array of incontinence products, the discounts of these products, and its effort to educate the public on the issue.

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The survey reveals that 67 percent of participants described the process of publicly purchasing
incontinence products including adult diapers, waterproof bed pads and wipes as “moderately

Urinary incontinence is often a sensitive and private subject. Due to this sensitive nature, public conversation surrounding the issue is very limited, as are statistics relative to incontinence products. To find out more about the public’s knowledge, opinions, and usage of incontinence supplies and conditions, Bright Medical decided to conduct a study on the subject.

Bright Medical hired a local marketing consultant to conduct the market research. Participants were both male and female, and ranged from age 56 to age 74. The study was completely anonymous and conducted on a small scale.

The survey reveals that 67 percent of participants described the process of publicly purchasing incontinence products including adult diapers, waterproof bed pads and wipes as “moderately embarrassing.” Compared to women, males were more likely to be embarrassed when making the purchase. Of all respondents, 72 percent would opt to purchase adult diapers and other incontinence supplies online versus in a brick-and-mortar store, given that the expense was the same.

“Fortunately, my wife and I have yet to deal with any urinary incontinence problems. But if we ever do, I’m sure it will be pretty embarrassing to purchase whatever products we will need. If there is the option of making these purchases online and the price isn’t much higher, that is what we would do,” responded one male participant.

The study also shows that the majority of respondents were greatly unaware of the variety of incontinence products available. Less than 35 percent of participants were familiar with the usefulness of hospital bed pads, waterproof bed pads and incontinence skin care products. The majority of participants were also uninformed of the green alternative to adult diapers, adult cloth diapers.

The research indicates that participants who do purchase incontinence supplies spend approximately $73.46 per month on adult diapers, briefs, and or liners. Medicare and most insurance providers do not reimburse patients for the expense of adult diapers.

Through its unique business structure, Bright Medical is able to offer adult diapers and other incontinence products at discounted prices, often up to 50 percent. There are 17 products under Bright Medical’s “Adult Diapers” product category, including briefs, pads, and liners. Of those 17 products, 11 are sold in quantities meant to last a month. These quantities range from 60 per case to 168 per case. The average cost of these products is $35.25, less than half the amount reported in the study. The briefs range from $29.07 for a case of 60 briefs to $56.13 for a case of 90 briefs, with an average price of about $54.45. The average price of a month’s supply of pads is $29.95 and ranges from $24.80 for a case of 144 pads to $35.09 for a case of 168 pads. Liners range from $21.58 for a case of 72 liners to $46.33 for a case of 112. The average cost for a case of liners is approximately $33.49. Bright Medical’s prices are much lower than the reported average. The products are still high-quality and manufactured by the best brand names in the industry.

Bright Medical’s study also reflects a lack of knowledge concerning which incontinence products are most appropriate for varying conditions, situations, bodies and lifestyles. In response, Bright Medical has issued a guide full of tips to help guide consumers determine which adult diapers, cloth adult diapers, and other incontinence supplies are best for his or her situation. This guide is currently available on Bright Medical’s blog.

Urinary incontinence is a fact of life for many disabled and elderly men and women in America. It can be the result of being born with spina bifida, an aggressive treatment of prostate cancer, or aging. A lack of proper incontinence products can result in depression, embarrassment, and decreased mobility. However, the right adult diaper and other incontinence products can improve personal hygiene, comfort and mobility.

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