What Are The Top 10 Beliefs Keeping Your Valentine Away?

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Most people have limiting beliefs that sabotage their relationships, such as "I'm not loveable" or "relationships don't work." Before Valentine's Day find out the top 10 beliefs that prevent real love from Morty Lefkoe, belief expert and president of the Lefkoe Institute.

According to Morty Lefkoe, president and founder of the Lefkoe Institute and a beliefs expert who has helped over 100,000 people identify and eliminate limiting beliefs at his website http://bit.ly/wao4uE, there are at least 10 limiting beliefs that sabotage relationships.

As Valentine’s Day approaches and thoughts of love fill the air, millions of people are wondering if their inability to find or sustain a loving relationship could be due to something they are doing wrong.

"They aren't doing anything wrong consciously," explains Lefkoe, "but they have unconscious limiting beliefs that keep love away."

He goes on to explain, "Imagine a man (or a woman) who believes ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’m not loveable,’ ‘women (men) can’t be trusted,’ and ‘relationships don’t work.’ What is the possibility of this person finding and keeping the woman of his dreams? Slim to nil.”

Lefkoe points out that “These four and other similar beliefs would virtually preclude him from finding and keeping a great woman. Now imagine that he was able to eliminate those four beliefs. It can be hard to believe that beliefs like these can be permanently eliminated, but over 100,000 people have done just that. The absence of these four beliefs wouldn’t guarantee he would find the woman of his dreams, but he now has the possibility of a relationship that he didn’t have when he (or she) had those beliefs.”

Here are ten of the most common beliefs Lefkoe discovered that prevented his clients from finding a loving relationship or truly enjoying the relationship they already had:

I’m not good enough.
I’m not important.
I’m not loveable/I’m not worth loving.
Relationships don’t work.
Relationships are difficult.
Life is difficult.
Women/men can’t be trusted.
I’m not worthy.
Men/women only want women/men who are (attractive, wealthy, thin, etc.).
I’m not attractive/I’m ugly.

After his clients eliminated these and similar beliefs, Mr. Lefkoe’s clients were much more successful in finding the loving relationship that had eluded them before, not to mention feeling more confident in general.

To access a free online program that will enable you to permanently eliminate two of these relationship-destroying beliefs, go to http://bit.ly/wao4uE .


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