rfXcel Introduces Family of Traceability Portals

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Clinic, pharmacy, and hospital traceability portals enable competitive advantage.

rfXcel Corporation, the leading provider of production-proven ePedigree and Track and Trace Systems, today announced the rfXcel Traceability Portal, the first of its kind. The system is available immediately and has recently been deployed at over one thousand clinics nationwide.

The rfXcel Traceability Portal is a system designed for the full traceability and authentication of pharmaceutical products from distribution by the manufacturer, through the dispensary (clinic, pharmacy, or hospital), and ultimately to the patient. This advanced system, which could use barcode, RFID or no serialization technology at all, gives the dispensing facility a sophisticated and automated solution for inventory management, dispense management and reorder management. The rfXcel Traceability Portal also helps clinics facilitate accurate billing. With this portal, manufacturers can manage their customers’ inventory, automate and expedite the processing of orders, authenticate and decommission product and provide increased visibility through management and sales reports. In addition, the rfXcel Traceability Portal has the capability to provide a direct interface to industry-leading EHR/EMR solutions. This unique family of rfXcel Traceability Portals simplifies inventory and dispense management for the manufacturer, dispensary, and patient, resulting in cost savings, better patient care, and improved patient safety while offering compliance with pedigree laws.

Inventory and Dispense Management Made Easy
The rfxcel Traceability Portal, deployed in a clinic, pharmacy, or hospital setting, uses an easy-to-use process which is flexible and can be configured to match current processes of the dispensary. In a simple example of this process, the staff scans the product package using a barcode or RFID reader pad. This step authenticates the product and inputs the data into the rfXcel Traceability Portal system so that the manufacturer can be notified that its shipment was received. Each product package is then scanned again by medical staff at the time of dispense to the patient. This creates a dispense log which could include information such as patient name, dosage dispensed, unique product identifier, dispense date/time and other pertinent data. In this way, patient information is linked to the actual pharmaceutical product.

Lower Costs and Competitive Advantage
The rfXcel Traceability Portal has the ability to increase revenues and decrease costs. A leading U.S. drug manufacturer using the rfXcel Traceability Portal today has seen its market share increase by offering this system to all of its customers at no extra cost. As such, this system has allowed it to have a large competitive advantage in the marketplace. For example, when the drug being dispensed in a clinic has a high financial value with a relatively low reimbursement relative to the cost, inventory management and prompt billing for this drug are critical to the dispensary. The rfXcel Traceability Portal allows both the dispensary and the manufacturer to decrease costs by utilizing the Just-In-Time and threshold automatic reorder modes of operation. These systems prevent over-stocking and under-stocking of the pharmaceutical product in the dispensary and during manufacturing. The inventory visibility and forecasting features of the rfXcel Traceability Portal also allow users to predict future usage based on previous dispenses. In addition, the trace, track and authentication capabilities of the system help to detect and prevent any product diversion.

Better Patient Care
The rfXcel Traceability Portal also greatly improves patient care. With its sophisticated dispense management system and EHR/EMR integration, dispensing can be done more accurately and efficiently. The system ensures that patients only receive pharmaceuticals at the times that are appropriate for the dosages they are prescribed. Additionally, with transferable data, patient and drug information are easily and quickly accessible. Inventories are also managed more effectively with the rfXcel Traceability Portal’s automatic reorder and alert systems so that medical staff have just the right amounts of drug dosages on hand for treating their patients.

Improved Patient Safety
Patient safety is improved by minimizing mis-shipments or counterfeits through the use of the authentication function, making sure that patients receive accurate and authentic dosages of their pharmaceutical product. Through dispense management, the system also ensures that medical staff are notified if a package has expired, been dispensed more than once, or has been recalled, therefore preventing treatment errors before they occur. Lastly, the rfXcel Traceability Portal complies with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule and all subsequent modifications to the rule.

“The rfXcel Traceability Portal really demonstrates the power of rfXcel’s Track and Trace solution to provide greater patient safety and a significant business advantage for a product in a highly competitive environment,” said Glenn Abood, Founder and CEO of rfXcel Corporation. “With the industry moving to Electronic Health Records, the rfXcel Traceability Portal completes the system by automating the entire pharmaceutical dispensing process.”

ePedigree Compliance
The rfXcel Traceability Portal system fully supports all State and Federal pedigree requirements, including the upcoming California ePedigree regulations and pending Federal statutes. The rfXcel Traceability Portal is the only system that provides true business value while enabling compliance with statutory requirements.

About rfXcel
rfXcel, founded in 2003, is headquartered in San Ramon, CA. rfXcel is a pioneer in creating real-time supply-chain performance improvement and compliance applications for retailers, manufacturers and distributors. rfXcel solutions can be implemented today, yet have the capability to scale as infrastructure technology develops. The rfXcel management team and board are comprised of industry experts that come directly from the life sciences, technology and consumer goods industries. rfXcel was founded on the principle of providing real business value to our customers by developing solutions that solve supply chain problems that they face every business day. More information on the Company can be found at: http://www.rfxcel.com


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