Construction Defect Center Begins a New Initiative Focused On What Could Be Defective Chinese Made Copper Plumbing Pipes & Warns US Homeowners To Be On The Lookout

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The Construction Defect Center is becoming increasingly concerned about Chinese made construction building products, that began flooding the US, since 2004, or earlier. The group's new worry is Chinese made copper plumbing pipes, may not meet acceptable plumbing standards in the United States. The Construction Defect Center is openly saying, "We have some of this Chinese made copper pipe, its too light to be copper, or 100% copper, we are not sure what it is. The only thing we know for sure is it was made in China. We are aware of K,L & M copper plumbing type grades, and the copper Chinese pipe we now have was none of the above. We fear this is one more really big problem for US homeowners, courtesy of US homebuilders going cheap, and Chinese manufacturers not caring about the quality of their products. We now fear Chinese made copper residential plumbing pipe is going to become one more really big mess for US homeowners." http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

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Chinese made plumbing pipe is just one more reason the US has to start making things again. What money does anyone save if the entire house has to have all of its Chinese made copper pipe replaced?

The Construction Defect Center is the one of the premier advocates for US homeowners stuck with defective building material, or plumbing products. The group is now expressing grave concern over Chinese made imported copper plumbing pipes, that were widely used during the US housing boom, that went from 2004, and ended in 2007. On Friday February 3rd 2012, the group was present when a plumber removed a section of Chinese made copper pipe, that had sprung a pinhole sized leak, in a major US home builder subdivision, in Southern California. The problem is the home was only five years old, and when the copperish colored pipe was removed the only obvious thing to everyone in attendance was the pipe was not 100% copper, and it did not meet any plumbing building codes, and could not have been graded along the lines of K, L, or M standard copper plumbing grades. The Construction Defect Center then called plumbers in various formerly hot US real estate markets like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, and learned the Chinese made copper pipe failing, or leaking is a nationwide problem. The Construction Defect Center is now openly warning home builders, and building supply houses, "While it may be too late for many of you, we are saying buying Chinese building products is not worth the hassle, if the product does not meet US building codes. Don't believe us? Lets see how many major US home builders are still in business as soon as the long term health effects of toxic Chinese drywall are known." http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

According to Bloomberg News, "On September 27th 2010 The U.S. imposed dumping duties on copper pipes and tubes from China. The United States Department of Commerce imposed the anti dumping sanctions because Chinese copper tube, and pipe makers were flooding the US market. US Manufacturers have complained about dumping less expensive Chinese made copper plumbing pipes on the US markets, and as importantly they have expressed concern about the quality of the Chinese copper pipe."

The Construction Defect Center is warning all US homeowners, in newer homes built, or remodeled after 2004 to be on the lookout for unexplainable mystery plumbing leaks, especially if it involves copper pipe. The group is urging US homeowners; especially those in newer subdivisions, or condominium projects to keep the section of copper pipe that was replaced, because it could be vital evidence, should the home need to have all Chinese made copper plumbing pipe replaced. The group says, "Potentially defective Chinese made copper plumbing pipe is just one more reason the US has to start making things again. What money does anyone save if the entire house has to have all of its Chinese made copper pipe replaced?" http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

The Construction Defect Center says, "Adding insult to injury, defective construction material is not covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy. Translation-there is no homeowners insurance coverage for this new Chinese building product disaster." http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com


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