More Job Positions Offered in Kunming - Study Chinese at Keats School and Find a Great Job

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As China develops quickly, more job opportunities are created in China for the year of 2012. Foreign students can work in China while they study Chinese in China. This is an ideal option for people who are in between jobs and young graduates. Foreign students who are studying Chinese at Keats School in Kunming, China can easily find English teaching jobs in Kunming while they study Chinese. After they achieve a higher level of Mandarin Chinese, some of them start their own business in China, some of them work for international firms, some of them pursue further study in Chinese language.

Learn Chinese and Work in China - A Memorable Experience

Learn Chinese and Work in China - A Memorable Experience

I study Mandarin Chinese language while I work in China. This has been a fantastic experience for me because I can support myself while I gain a life-long skill."

-- Steven Rees

Nowadays, the number of foreigners who come to study Chinese in China is rapidly increasing. According to Kunming News, the number of foreigners who study and live in Kunming has reached 45,000 up to January 2012. The reason why many foreigners, especially Chinese language learning students at Kunming Keats School, come to China to study Mandarin is because more job opportunities are provided throughout cities in China, while being able to speak Mandarin Chinese becomes an important skill. Studying Mandarin in China might be a good choice for people in between jobs. It becomes easier for foreigners to find part-time jobs in China while they learn Chinese in China because more international firms set up their branches in China and more English language schools are in an urgent need of foreign teachers. Thus, studying in China while working in China could be a helpful experience for many foreigners – see the world and gain a useful skill.

Keats School in Kunming, together with other language schools, has announced more job positions on February 8th, 2012. The available job positions include English teachers, Mandarin teachers, marketing interns, business expansion directors, and language courses consultants. Any person who wishes to study Chinese in China while do some work is welcome to apply to those positions through Keats School's website.

John Stover, from the US, who is currently studying Mandarin in China at Keats School, a Chinese language school in China in Kunming, teaches English at a local English language institute. John studies Mandarin Chinese at Keats School for 2 hours every day. Then, he teaches English for about four to six hours. His students include children and adults. The average monthly salary John receives is about 2000 dollars, which is sufficient for him to live a good life in Kunming.

Francesca Bonati, from Italy, is also a student at Keats School. She teaches English part-time at two different English schools. She studies Chinese at Keats for 2 hours a day. She has made a lot of Chinese friends after she comes to China. “My learning and teaching experience in China means so much to me and I enjoy every moment I spend in Kunming,” Bonati said.

Readers may wonder why they chose Kunming in China as the place for Chinese learning and working. Kunming, located in the southwest of China, is called “the Eternal Spring City” with comfortable climate and flowers everywhere. It has amazingly beautiful landscapes, clean, unpolluted and fresh air. Compared to those in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the living expensive in Kunming is relatively low, according to the Kunming News Hub. In Kunming, there are more than 200 English language training schools and institutions as well as many bilingual high schools and elementary schools. Therefore, there is a great demand for foreign teachers in Kunming. Some schools do not require a professional certificate. As long as foreigners can speak English fluently and speak some Chinese, they will be warmly welcomed by English schools in Kunming.

However, the most important reason is that Keats School is located in Kunming and does not have any branches in other cities in China. The Chinese language courses in China at Keats School are flexible and students can start anytime according to their schedule. The teachers at Keats are professionally trained and the courses are designed to help foreign learners to improve their Chinese language quickly and efficiently. Usually after a period of learning and practicing, most of the foreign students are able to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, which can be a sufficient support for their work in China.

As beginners of Chinese language, students can choose the one-on-one intensive Chinese programs for a few weeks. After finishing the elementary Chinese courses, students will enter the intermediate group Chinese class at Keats School. The teachers will apply different teaching techniques to meet students’ learning goals and studying requirements.

When studying Chinese in a small group, students will learn more about the background knowledge and relevant cultural information to gain the understanding of the Chinese characters and words. In this program, students find it interesting to learn Chinese language because the teachers employ various fun teaching techniques. Of course, students can also learn Chinese online if they are unable to come to Kunming to study Chinese. There are a variety of Chinese learning programs offered at Keats School, for students to choose according to their Chinese language level, such as one-on-one Mandarin Chinese language program, small group Chinese classes, online Chinese lessons, study and internship program, study and volunteer program, etc.

There are many job opportunities in Kunming, China awaiting people from any country to explore. If people are looking for a place to learn Chinese, to earn some money, and to live well, Kunming can be a very good choice.


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