Apple’s Unethical App Store Marketing Crackdown Gains ComboApp’s Support

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The Chicago based ComboApp Marketing Agency has stated its unilateral support of Apple’s recent announcement that any developers caught utilizing deceptive marketing tactics to promote their products will be permanently banned from the App Store. The agency is outspoken in its belief that this represents a big step forward for the mobile industry as a whole, protecting its integrity as a commercial outlet and encouraging the advancement of fair business practices throughout it.

Riding the digital wave with ComboApp
Apple's announcement signals the start of a new era in the mobile marketplace.

Apple’s recent public announcement to iOS developers, warning them that anyone caught utilizing deceptive marketing tactics to promote their products on the App Store risks being permanently banned from doing business there, has made some big waves throughout the mobile industry. The news also prompted immediate support from The ComboApp Marketing Agency, a long-time leader in mobile app promotion services.

While Apple’s statements have inspired dread amongst black hat mobile marketing providers – and rightfully so -- ComboApp sees the tech giant’s decision as a big step forward for the industry as a whole rather than as a threat, eagerly speaking out in Apple’s defense.

“Apple's announcement signals the start of a new era in the mobile marketplace. As we see it, their mindset brings the ideal of a fairly regulated App Store Marketplace that much closer to becoming a reality. Furthermore, it vindicates ComboApp and other ethically operating Mobile Marketing Agencies, who no longer have to face competition from dishonest marketers whose unethical ranking and review manipulation tactics have given them an unfair advantage within the marketplace. We view this is a great opportunity for ComboApp to showcase our methods, and help app developers better distinguish the validity of results attained via creativity and effective outreach over the instant success promised by deceptive marketing measures,” said Vadim Chernega, Co-Founder & CEO of ComboApp.

Building a reputation as a reliable, trust-worthy marketing partner amongst the iOS app developer community for over three years, ComboApp has been warning clients against using services promising them guaranteed five star reviews, placement at the tops of app charts, and the like, long before Apple’s public warning. Talking to earlier this week, ComboApp’s COO explained that in the past developers simply didn’t know why it was better to steer clear of publicizing their apps in such ways.

“There has always been a lot of naiveté in regards to what could and couldn’t be done. Clients would approach us with competitors’ offers and ask us why we couldn’t provide such high results for the same price or as quickly. We’d explain to them that they may be purchasing marketing services that gamed the system and were based on fraud, but there just wasn’t enough information available to back up our point. These developers tended to remain unconvinced, at which point we’d basically have to concede, telling them that if that’s what they wanted to do they should go with our competitor’s offer instead.”
Julie Guzunova, COO, ComboApp

Given that Apple announced their intent enforce a zero tolerance policy towards manipulative app promotion efforts on their App Store less than a week ago, ComboApp admits that it’s still too early to see what lasting industry-wide effects this move will have. That said, the agency has full confidence that whatever changes do come about will only bolster the constructive, healthy growth of mobile marketplaces into established platforms for digital commerce, both on iOS as well as other platforms.


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