Hudson Valley ENT Suggests Ear-Friendly Gifts for Lovers

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Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to celebrate feelings for a loved one. But what good is whispering sweet nothings in your partner’s ear if they can’t be heard?

Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to celebrate feelings for a loved one. But what good is whispering sweet nothings in your partner’s ear if they can’t be heard? So this Valentine’s Day, consider adding an ear-friendly gift to the more traditional gifts of flowers, chocolate, and jewelry.

“No adult is too young to experience hearing loss,” says Debra L. Dziedzic, MA, CCC/A, Senior Audiologist at Hudson Valley Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT). “Years of listening to loud music through headphones or at concerts, working in a noisy environment, or operating yard equipment without properly protecting your ears can be damaging. Even mild hearing loss causes people to have difficulties with quiet sounds, as well as conversations when there’s background noise.”

Ear buds and headphones that enhance sound while protecting the ear from excess noise make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Choose brands of ear buds and headphones that allow one to hear music clearly even at a low volume. If a loved one has trouble finding styles that fit properly, look into ordering custom ear molds through the office of an audiologist. They are designed to hold and improve the fit of ear buds. You also can shop for custom earphones that deliver sound at a safer volume directly into the ear canal and block background noise. For a budget-conscious gift for the home handyman or handywoman, shop at a home improvement store for protective earmuffs that reduce the noise from snow blowers, lawnmowers, chain saws, and other loud tools and equipment.

“Another treasured gift is a hearing aid,” suggests Dana Gaubatz, AuD. “While this may not seem very romantic, it can improve a loved one’s quality of life. He or she will feel more connected to and less isolated from others when able to listen, follow conversations, and communicate better.”

Today, hearing loss is more noticeable than hearing aids, thanks to advances in technology. A small hearing aid that fits in or behind the ear is much smaller than a Bluetooth earpiece and barely can be seen. The fashion lover in your life might want hearing aids in colors that coordinate with her or his wardrobe.

“Functionally, hearing aids continue to get better and better,” notes Dziedzic. “One can choose models that are programmable, focus sounds while blocking out background noise, and even interact wirelessly with the television, telephone, computer, and portable media players.”

The first step in giving the gift of a hearing aid is to make an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. And remember the chocolates and a romantic card!

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