A New Company Dedicated to Helping Children – A Fresh Solution in Parenting: Bibliotherputic Children’s Books Produced Completely Online by Book Bandage

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A new company called "Book Bandage" has recently launched its online website. This company uses the principals of bibliotherapy to create personalized helping and healing books for children. Children going through normal transitions, like crib to a bed, as well as children experiencing traumatic events, like going through the loss of a parent, benefit from these Book Bandage books. Advocates for children can securely upload the child's own pictures and the company will create a helping book specifically for the child.

No matter how blessed you are as a parent, children naturally go thought transitions: crib to bed, stopping the pacifier or thumb habit, starting child care or school, new siblings, new homes, and sometimes new parental figures. These changes in a child’s life can bring about stress and children react to stress in multiple ways. Tantrums, nightmares, biting and bed-wetting are common examples. One tool to help children through stress is to read to them from a therapeutic children’s book.    A new company is making completely personalized helping and healing books for children on the web at BookBandage.com. When you read a book about a transition to children you prepare their way and ease them into change. It works. Sometimes, when the book is just right, the child’s fears are removed and calm can return to a given situation. Helping books for children can be a solution to parenting issues. These books are called “Bibliotherapy books.” With Book Bandage, a first of its kind company, creating these books for parents and other professionals becomes a reality.

In Ancient Greece, libraries often had an inscription above the door stating that within the building was “Yuchs Latreion” which translated as ‘Healing Place for the Soul.’ These ancient cultures understood the healing value of literature. Today adults seek resolution from self- help books. Children can be read to in ways that provide medicine for their soul as well. Coined by Samuel Crothers in 1916, the term bibliotherapy is a combination of the Greek words for ‘therapy’ and ‘books’. Bibliotherapy, “Guidance in the solution of personal problems through directed reading.” Merriam-Webster.com. 2011. http://www.merriam-webster.com (23 Jan 2012).

In a study of the Immergence of Bibliotherapy (Journal Article Reading Horizons, v31 n3 p199-206 Feb 1991.) The author discusses the importance of acknowledging the emotional aspect of learning. The study suggests the use of bibliotherapy to provide children with appropriate books to meet their social and emotional needs. Leah Davies, M.Ed. teacher and therapist states, “The underlying premise of bibliotherapy is that interpreting stories is an ever-changing process to which children bring their own needs and experiences. Since children often have difficulty identifying and communicating their feelings, stories can serve to facilitate open discussion and self-understanding. Retrieved Jan 13, 2012, Parenting Handouts, from http://www.kellybear.com

Until now there has been a limit to bibleotherapy. Often there is no one book that fits a particular situation a child may be experiencing. Now however, due to current technological changes in on-demand printing, creating these personalized books at affordable prices is possible. Book Bandage is bibliotherapy at it’s best. The company uses the child’s own photos, securely uploaded to the web, to create a personalized book for the child. After the parent fills out a questionnaire, Book Bandage puts together a book appropriate for the child’s own unique situation. It is simple and easy to order a healing book for a child through Book Bandage.

Parents looking for a proven helping tool for their children can rely on bibiotherapy. Books help children cope with life’s transitions and also with traumatic events. Libraries have many books written to help children understand and cope with life’s common challenges. Book Bandage books are written to help children cope and heal from their own specific situation. Parents have a new choice and a proven tool to heal the souls of their children through the therapeutic books available at Book Bandage.

Visit http://www.BookBandage.com for more information. To send a request for a Book Bandage Foundation donation, please contact us at info(at)bookbandage(dot)com

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