indeni Raising Awareness of a Step-Change in Monitoring – Next Generation Monitoring is Here Today

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New publicity effort designed to keep network security professionals from struggling with the limitations of outdated monitoring systems

Administrators have a certain expectation of the limitations of security monitoring tools that is no longer valid, and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary work and downtime

With network security becoming an ever-greater focus for businesses of all types, indeni, the leader in security operations monitoring, today announced the launch of a campaign to ensure network security professionals are fully aware of the current state of monitoring systems and specifically, security infrastructure monitoring. “There is a rather large knowledge gap in some instances,” says Elad Ben-Meir, VP Products and Strategy at indeni. “Administrators have a certain expectation of the limitations of security monitoring tools that is no longer valid, and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary work and downtime. Our goal is to help them understand their choices and what they can do to better protect their networks from potential downtime and instability.”

For years, says Ben-Meir, security monitoring consisted of software packages that merely watched the network, reporting observed errors, usually after failures occurred, and seldom containing remediation knowledge to help quickly solve the issue. This was due to a combination of the use of older SNMP-based monitoring systems with limited visibility, and a general lack of built-in understanding regarding what specific issues to monitor, and how to effectively track them. Even the most advanced solutions available required heavy manual input to configure and troubleshoot firewalls, VPNs and other secure access points, thus negating the expected time and cost savings.

“indeni has taken security monitoring to a new level,” he says, “and administrators should be aware that their choices are no longer limited. The state-of-the-art has advanced to the point where administrators have access to an out-of-the-box solution already pre-loaded with configuration knowledge for hundreds of security devices and the ability to proactively monitor them, flag users before problems occur, and present best-practice remedial steps for quick remediation. This is a full generation ahead of what many network security administrators think is possible.”

indeni’s security monitoring software is designed specifically around the security space. The company’s focus is on deepening its already highly-evolved knowledge of increasingly complex security infrastructures through user-led evolution. Among these efforts are mentoring and partnership programs to swap information with the market, respond to customer experiences (pain) and feature requests, as well as continuing efforts to inform network security professionals of “the Next Generation in monitoring" as Ben-Meir puts it.

“If a user’s monitoring system is not providing deep visibility and does not provide more than simple up/down notifications, then the user is stuck in the past,” he added. “indeni has already conquered the issues of understanding what to monitor and how, cross-vendor coverage on a single platform, and what to flag and how to remediate it. If administrators are still struggling with heavy resource requirements for managing and maintaining their monitoring system - spending hours on setting up devices, tracking licenses or certificates, or struggling daily to keep their networks stable - then it is time for them to re-evaluate their monitoring setup, because the state of the art is now a full generation ahead.”

According to Ben-Meir, users should settle for no less than deep, out-of-the-box knowledge, quick setup and configuration capabilities, comprehensive device coverage, and proactive alerting and remediation functionality. “These are features and functionality that administrators have long expected as standard in other areas of the network, from routers to servers, so it is about time a system like indeni emerged to bring this level of capability to security infrastructure administration,” he says.

And aside from the trouble and expense caused by downtime, there can be lingering damage to reputation and loss of customer confidence, from what are now avoidable instabilities and performance drags. Ben-Meir concludes, “Our mission is to prevent such problems, and to continue to drive development that keeps indeni ahead of potential threats to the stability of our users' networks. That is a two-way street, so the more end users we reach, the more input we have to build better products, and the more businesses will end up with higher performance from their networks and unprecedented stability in their security infrastructure.”

indeni begins 2012 with a monitoring system which is a generation ahead of previous capabilities for security administrators. Network security professionals are encouraged to contact the company with questions, concerns, and suggestions for improvements.

More information on indeni and its security operations monitoring solution can be found at

About indeni:
indeni’s solutions are the first to provide true proactive monitoring for network security, giving network administrators an intuitive tool set that cuts setup times from hours to minutes and alerts IT staff to errors before they become a problem.

indeni’s next-generation monitoring covers a range of vendors and devices, from the likes of Check Point, Juniper, Fortinet and more, as well as including extra features such as device backup and device explorer, and interfacing directly with NMS solutions from vendors such as HP, IBM and CA.

Founded by software and information security experts with decades of IT experience in businesses from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, indeni's solutions derive from years of observing IT professionals around the world struggling with similar problems. We are committed to providing highly intuitive, user-friendly solutions which represent our motto – knowledge and simplicity.

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