SingleSource Services, A Leading Background Screening Company, Endorses Test That Screens for Child Sexual Abusers

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A scientifically proven assessment test is the missing link that ties together background screening, criminal record checks, finger printing and drug testing to red flag child sexual abusers.

Child sexual abusers seek opportunities to work or volunteer with children.

"6% of adults have a sexual interest in children. It runs on a different track, invisible to the outside world.*"

Don Dymer, president and chief executive officer for SingleSource Services reminds his colleagues in the background industry and others engaged in what he calls “frenzied” background checks about the limitations of strictly relying on criminal background checks to keep sexual abusers away from children.

“The background screening industry is seeing a flood of requests by people thinking they are doing their due diligence to keep children and teens safe by demanding criminal background checks. As background screening professionals we have to alert the public that in order to determine if someone is suitable to work with children and youth they need to do far much more extensive checking. They need to use more sophisticated assessments and screening methods than what has traditionally constituted our industry’s basic tools of the trade.” explains Dymer. “What I want my colleagues and their clients to understand is that research tells us that less than one-tenth of 1% of child sexual offenders will have a criminal record of sexual abuse.**

Don Dymer of SingleSource is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and a member of Concerned CRAs, a group of ethical background screening vendors who maintain the highest standards of truth in business and have made it their goal to ensure that employers and organizations are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of database searches.

After years of careful searching, Dymer has found the assessment tool that works in helping to identify child sexual abusers. It is called the Diana Screen®. A test that to a high scientific degree of accuracy alerts you that this is not a person who should be placed in a position of trust with children and youth. The test meets the goal: “To select the best possible people for staff and volunteer positions and to screen out individuals who have sexually abused youth or are at risk to abuse,” as set by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Don Dymer and SingleSource Services are taking this assessment tool to the background screening industry and is urging them to take it to their clients. “The goal is to make our industry peers aware that this established, yet mainly unknown screen needs to be part of their background screening programs in order to weed out those who pose a sexual threat to children and seek access to them through employment or as volunteers.”

The DIANA SCREEN® is named for a victim of child sexual abuse who took her life. The test takes 30 minutes to complete, is completely confidential, the results are cross validated 200 times. The assessment establishes whether an adult recognizes the appropriate boundaries that should exist between them and a child. Not all people who fail are child abusers - some are enablers, those who lack the ability to recognize inappropriate behavior when they see it all around them. These people contribute equally to the sexual abuse of children.

The Diana Screen® is supported by 18 years of research by Abel Screening in Atlanta, Georgia and two long-term pilot studies with the Episcopal Church Pension Fund and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It is also endorsed by the Foster Family-based Treatment Association.

Dymer explains, “As a background screening provider who has campaigned vigorously for people to be vigilant when it comes to background checking, I am now extremely worried that people out there don’t realize that when it comes to identifying child sexual abusers - background checks, finger printing, criminal background checks and drug testing won’t give you the whole story. We can’t let people rely on results of criminal record checks as a stand-alone solution. They see that no arrests appear for child sexual abuse and figure that the potential hire or volunteer is good to go. That’s simply not the case. Research shows us that 6% of adults have a sexual interest in children and that they will be drawn to employment opportunities or volunteer to be near their prey.*"

SingleSource Services is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.The company provides background screening to over 2,500 business across a wide variety of industries and non-profit organizations. SingleSource was founded in 1995 and believes that backgrounds are like fingerprints and prides itself on its long term customer relationships and a strong commitment to fulfill its corporate civic duties.

To understand how to include the Diana Screen® in your background screening program call Don Dymer at SingleSource. It is a five minute call that can save your organization and save a child from a lifetime of horror. Visit Telephone us at 800.713.3412.

*Nora Harlow, founder, Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
**The Importance of Background Screening for Nonprofits: An updated briefing, ChoicePoint, April 2008.

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