Build Your Own HostedTube in 5 Minutes; Revolutionary Tool Shakes the Porn Industry

HostedTube allows independent adult webmasters to compete with industry leaders. With HostedTube anyone with a domain can build a profitable tube site with a vast amount of high-quality content.

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HostedTube is Wordpress for tube sites.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) February 15, 2012

HostedTube gives hope to webmasters determined to survive in a post-recession adult online industry. Four years ago, X-rated websites experienced a hard hit by giant tube sites offering masses of free content, completely crushing the premium competitors. As more people were attracted to tube sites, a major shift occurred and many webmasters had to change their strategies. Tube sites are difficult to produce, especially when it comes to finding the content and attracting advertisers, making it increasingly hard for webmasters to compete with the giant industry forces. HostedTube changes that, allowing anyone with a domain to have a profitable tube site with a vast amount of high-quality videos.

“HostedTube is Wordpress for tube sites,” says David K. of HostedTube. “Building a website has never been easier. All you need is a domain, basic Internet skills and you can have a tube site up in just a couple of minutes.”

HostedTube, a website builder, makes it very easy for webmasters to run a lucrative online business. HostedTube takes care of the hosting; their partner company Traffic Force sells the ad spaces and Affiliate Company PIMPROLL makes sure everyone gets paid a generous percentage of all sales and every dollar of advertising revenue.

For webmasters sitting atop unused WWWs, HostedTube is the perfect solution to put their parked domains to work. By logging on to and clicking “Build Your Tube”, webmasters can customize their layout, upload a logo and background, set their color scheme; schedule updates and write their own content. For those with multiple domains, using the Bulk Builder they can create a hundred sites in under five minutes. Anyone with a bit of Internet knowledge these days knows how important SEO is. Webmasters can change video titles, URL slugs, descriptions, hard links, page titles, keywords and much more with HostedTube’s comprehensive SEO customization tools.

The features don’t stop there; videos can be time-capped and lead to paid content, for those who want to use a tube site as a gateway to their premium brands. There are comprehensive analytics tools as well as Google Analytics integration. A mobile site option gives webmasters the choice of optimizing their tube sites for cellphone users.

Every day HostedTube introduces more and more features to help webmasters further customize their tube sites.

In one short month since its soft-launch, HostedTube already has over 8,000 tube sites, proving the demand for this product. Industry webmasters are flabbergasted at how easy it has been to convert their unused domains into revenue streams, already seeing their bank accounts start to accumulate extra cash. For an industry that is struggling to stay on its feet, HostedTube has become a welcome source of hope.

To learn more about HostedTube, visit Webmasters must be 18 years or older, HostedTube video content is X-rated.

For more information, interviews and access to the back-end of HostedTube, please contact marketing [at]



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