HYSKORE® Expands its Line up of Rifle, Pistol, and Revolver Organizing and Storage Solutions

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In order to protect a guns finish and working parts and to provide easy access, some type of storage and organization fixture is an absolute necessity. According to HYSKORE® spokesman, Ted Werner, the increased gun sales of the past few years have created opportunities for more gun storage options. There are numerous ways that Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols, and Revolvers should not be stored. These run the gauntlet from stacking guns in a corner, or stuffing them under a bed, to sticking them in a tool box, or just leaving a gun in a holster. HYSKORE® offers 2 long gun storage solutions that can be mounted inside a gun vault or directly to a wall. For hand guns there are 5 different storage options that can be either installed in a security cabinet or placed on a bench top. All HYSKORE® gun storage and organizing solutions have either vinyl or EVA foam padding to protect both the gun’s metal parts and stock.

Capacity can be expanded and spacing between gun adjusted to maximize available space

Hyskore has, over the past several years, become one of my favorite companies because they make so many products that just make sense. They also make many products that I need, that work as intended and as they are described.

Hyskore is the industry's leading manufacturer of rifle, shotgun, and handgun organizing and racking systems. The newest addition to the HYSKORE® line up is the #30241 - 10 Gun Rack and Shelf Unit. This handy little device measures 5” x 8.5” x 16.75”, supports up to 30 lbs. on 2 wire grid shelves and up to 10 rifles with scopes in an indexed closed cell EVA foam rack. The unit can be mounted to the inside of a gun vault or rifle cabinet to provide additional storage capacity or it can be mounted directly to the wall with the supplied screws, which are set at 16” on center for direct mounting to studs. The 2 shelves and the hooks on each end of the rack provide storage capacity for ear plugs, electronic hearing protectors, holsters, safety glasses, ammunition, shooting rest bags, and other shooting related accessories.

Another recently developed innovation is the #30184 Mega Stacking Hand Gun Rack. The rack is constructed of ¾” square tubular steel, and 5mm vinyl coated wire. This makes it one of the sturdiest hand gun organizing devices available any place. The rack has a capacity of 8 pistols or revolvers and includes a handy shelf that can be used for magazines, and even for a small “mouse gun”; like a Smith & Wesson “J” frame or a Beretta Model 21. Capacity can be doubled or tripled by using the 4 included couplers to stack one rack on top of the other. This provides maximum density for storage in a minimum amount of space. According to M. Proctor, “If you own more hand guns than you can count you probably want to keep them organized."

The HYSKORE® #30058 - 7 Gun Vinyl Coated Steel Wire Hand Gun Rack, and its companion item the #30073 - 4 Gun Rack are inexpensive and flexible revolver and semi-automatic pistol storage solutions. Each rack is constructed from 5mm diameter welded vinyl covered steel wire, and they are supplied with fittings so they can be assembled side by side and/or stacked to increase density and storage capacity.

The #30078 is a vinyl coated steel modular racking system that can attach to walls, nightstands, closets, etc. but, is especially useful attached to the inside of a gun safe door. This puts unused space to work to expand hand gun storage capacity.

The #30183 Universal Gun Rack is constructed from 1” thick die cut semi-rigid closed cell foam, and has capacity of 11 scoped rifles, and 12 un-scoped. The intention of this product is to provide an indexing and organizing system inside gun vaults. Typically, the racks and organizers supplied with inexpensive gun storage cabinets have limited capacity and do not always take advantage of the available space. The HYSKORE® Universal Organizer can attach to the fabric interior of most safes with the supplied adhesive backed hook and loop tape, or it can attach to steel surfaces using either the hook and loop or the supplied the adhesive backed magnetic tape.

The HYSKORE® #30002 Modular Hand Gun Rack is arguably the most successful hand gun and storage organizing device available any place. The rack enjoys utility patent #7,584,861, and is constructed entirely of die cut closed cell semi-rigid EVA foam. Not only does it provide a suede-like surface that is friendly to the finish of guns, but it is also non-reactive and resistant to lubricants and moisture. Out of the box the rack measures 6” x 7.5” x 8.25”, and has capacity for 3 guns. However, since it is completely modular by removing the 3 pins that hold the segments together the rack can easily be reconfigured to precisely fit the gun owner’s weapons. This includes guns with single stack magazines, double stack magazines, and wide target grips. In addition, several racks can be ganged together by simply using 3/16” threaded rod with nuts and washers. In this manner the gun owner can achieve maximum gun vault storage capacity that precisely fits his guns. Clark Bishop, All About Shooting, says, “There are other guns that I like to store on the shelves of my gun safes and the Modular Pistol Rack works perfect for that…guns are very visible and secure.

If you have large hunting handguns with top-mounted scopes, or bullseye pistols with fat target grips, consider the Hyskore Modular Rack which holds guns with the barrel on top and level, so there is plenty of clearance for scopes…Hyskore racks come in sets of three foam bins. Using 3/16” threaded crosspins, you can combine the bins into one, long secure unit running the full width of a shelf.

When guns are in storage one of the biggest enemies to their wood, metal and leather parts is humidity; too much humidity causes rust, mildew, mold, and swelling of wood parts. Too little humidity causes damage and cracking to leather, gun slings, wood gun stocks, and wooden pistol grips. There are 2 points of attack when controlling humidity. The first one is to identify the relative humidity. For this purpose HYSKORE® produces the Digital Gun Vault Hygrometer. This product is specifically designed to deal with conditions both inside and outside the storage compartment. The hygrometer has a dual display that shows the relative humidity both inside where the guns are stored and outside. In addition, it calculates the dew point which is the temperature at which water vapor in the air begins condensing to form moisture, and has a display flashing alert to advise if the temperature is within 10° F of the dew point to allow the gun owner to take appropriate corrective action. The other product that HYSKORE® manufactures to control humidity is the #30077 Magnetic Desiccant. This consists of 10 oz. of pure white rechargeable silica gel desiccant in a perforated metal canister and includes a heavy duty ring magnet so that it can be attached to vertical and horizontal steel surfaces. The silica gel’s consistency is 3mm diameter beads which can have their moisture absorbing capabilities recharged an infinite number of times by simply placing them in a 250° F oven for 2 hours. An indicator card is also included.

Sometimes people want to hang the old Winchester Model 70 or Remington Model 700 on the wall or over the fireplace. The HYSKORE® #30029 Brass Gun Hanging Hooks are just the ticket. The hooks are heavy duty die casting with protective foam padding to protect your rifle or shotgun’s finish. They are sold 2 per set and mounting hardware is included.

A full range of long gun and handgun maintenance and shooting accessories including compression dampened recoil attenuating shooting and tactical / varmint rests is available from HYSKORE® (http://www.hyskore.com). The line up consists of the DLX Precision Sighting Rest, the Dangerous Game® Machine Rest, the Ten Ring® Shooting & Varmint Rest, the Dead Eye® Tactical & Varmint Rest, the Parallax Cleaning and Sighting Rest, and the Black Gun® Machine Rest. These are all fully supported on the HYSKORE® website with instruction manuals, target down loads, and both demo and tutorial videos. Most importantly, these advanced shooting accessories are affordable to the average shooter.


HYSKORE® is a registered trademark of Power Aisle, Inc. (Est. 1988) of Huntington Station, New York 11746, 631/673-5975. HYSKORE® manufactures a proprietary line of advanced, purpose built, tactical and sport shooting accessories including shooting rests, multi-function electronic hearing protection, pistol rests, pistol racks and sundry accessories. HYSKORE® products are available at numerous retailers including: Cabelas (http://www.cabelas.com), BassPro (http://www.basspro.com), Sportsman’s Guide (http://www.sportsmansguide.com), Cheaper Than Dirt (http://www.cheaperthandirt.com), Brownells (http://www.brownells.com), and Midway USA (http://www.midwayusa.com).

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