Automatic Dialing: Software as a Service (SaaS) Accessed in the Cloud Preferred in Monarch Broadcast Survey

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Online automatic dialer software is preferred over in-house solutions, according to a new survey by Monarch Broadcast Messaging, a leading phone broadcasting service bureau.

Using in-the-cloud automatic dialer software to broadcast voice messages over the phone is the method of choice according to recent survey results conducted by Monarch Broadcast Messaging, one of the nation's leading providers of auto dialing software-as-a-service (SaaS). There were a number of reasons that were cited by customers who felt the online solution was advantageous.

"Let's face it," says Laurie Patterson, director of Monarch's broadcasting operations, "buying software and equipment can be costly, not only to purchase but to maintain. Customers have found that our in-the-cloud auto dialer solutions eliminate the upfront expense, eliminate the service contract and maintenance expenses, and eliminate the staff costs associated with managing an inhouse system."

Among the reasons why online, or in-the-cloud, automatic dialing software solutions are preferred are:

1) Automatic dialing software is limited by the number of connected phone lines that are available for outgoing calls. "Why would an organization purchase software that can send hundreds of calls a minute, when they may only have 2 or 3 lines available for outgoing calls? It defeats the whole purpose," says Patterson. "In order to send hundreds of calls per minute you would need to purchase T1 lines, and that is an additional expense that is completely unnecessary. An online service such as ours eliminates all of those fixed costs. And if you’re using VOIP (Internet calling), the expense can be prohibitive unless you are using the system constantly. Not to mention that VOIP calls tend to be degraded in both quality and reporting.”

2) Online dialers usually have greater capacity, are more reliable and have built-in detection software that distinguishes between a live answer and an answering machine or voicemail. “The beauty of the online auto-dailer is that everything is at your fingertips and you have complete access, without spending a penny on overhead. You simply accomplish more in a shorter period of time,” explains Patterson.

3) Outsourcing auto dialing services have proven to be more efficient because you only pay for what you use, when you use it. “The pay-as-you-go model for auto dialing improves an organization’s ROI dramatically because the investment is a fraction of what it would normally be,” stated Patterson. “Why pay for a 24/7 inhouse set up that is only used part-time? When you run the numbers, it’s best to only pay for the service when you want it and use it.

4) Outsourcing provides you with on-demand service which you can access from anywhere, at anytime, by logging into the system via the web, using your secured passcodes.

Monarch Broadcast Messaging offers two forms of automatic dialing services. The first is a self service model whereby clients can access the system themselves to upload their lists, make their recordings and launch their calls. The second is a full service model. In full service the client would send us their lists, and we launch their calls. In addition we help them create their recordings. Which model a client chooses is a matter of their personal preference and/or the type of notification they are sending. In addition to straight outbound calls, both models also have the capability for “press 1 to speak to a live operator” functionality, should the client desire it.

“The trend is clear,” says Patterson. “The future of automatic dialing software is in-the-cloud because it provides a cost effective solution for businesses and organizations interested in lower costs, improving productivity, and delivering on-time messages and notifications.”


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