CEO Of Emergency Survival Blog Says "Solar Flare Eruptions Raise A Cause For A Major Concern"

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Several weeks ago, radiation from a solar flare eruption forced a major airline to redirect several of their airplanes routed over the North Pole. According to Dan Annweiler, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of The Emergency Survival Blog (http://EmergencySurvivalBlog.US), "This airline's action is an indication that solar flares raise a cause for a major concern, and that is, America's lack of readiness to one likely effect of solar flares—a complete shutdown of America's power grid."

Far too many American citizens are unprepared for this cataclysmic scenario.

Just a few weeks ago, radiation from a solar flare eruption forced Delta Air Lines to redirect several airplanes routed over the North Pole. What was the reason why Delta felt it had to take such precautions? "Airplanes, like other modes of transportation, are loaded with computer related electrical systems and electronics that are put in place for a variety of reasons, foremost of course, is safety." says Dan Annweiler, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Emergency Survival Blog (http://EmergencySurvivalBlog.US).

Transportation is just one example of how America has come to rely on computers and other electrically powered devices. Let's face it. Americans are in love with their smart phones, cars, computers and a myriad of other electrical devices. What will happen if all these electrical gadgets suddenly stopped working due to a solar flare? Dan Annweiler answers, "A sudden nationwide loss in power would disrupt America's communication and distribution infrastructures--civil unrest would likely ensue if power is not restored shortly afterward. Far too many American citizens are unprepared for this cataclysmic scenario."

A study, funded by NASA, was conducted by the National Academy of Sciences in 2008. The final report entitled, "Severe Space Weather Events-Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts", revealed some startling revelations, the most chilling of which is the vulnerability of America's power grid.

The study points to clear evidence that powerful solar flares, caused by uncontrolled weather conditions in space, can cause a shutdown of America's power grid leading to massive losses of power throughout the country.

NASA’s research into solar flares continues today. In an article entitled "The Secret Lives of Solar Flares" dated September 19, 2011, University of Colorado physicist Tom Woods said, “We’ve just learned that some flares are many times stronger than previously thought.” Later in the article Woods added, “About 1 in 7 flares experience an aftershock. About ninety minutes after the flare dies down, it springs to life again, producing an extra surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation.”

The conclusion of this research revealed that the effects of these “aftershocks” could conceivably cause extreme UV radiation, drastically accelerate the decay of low-orbit satellites and directly affect GPS units and radio signals.

Annweiler does not advocate a doomsday or alarmist mentality. Yet, he believes there is cause for concern over America's lack of preparedness, amongst its citizens as well as its government, against the many natural and man-made forces that threaten the American way of life in addition to a complete shutdown of American's power grid. Annweiler's simple advice? “Be Aware and Be Prepared. Keep up with current events and how these events may affect you and the nation. Every concerned and responsible citizen should have an emergency plan in place--regardless of where they live.”

America's complacency and lack of emergency preparedness are just two of the motivating factors that led to the creation of The Emergency Survival Blog. The blog is updated frequently and provides useful, timely and well-researched information that every concerned, responsible citizen needs to be aware of.

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