Boise Idaho Real Estate Report: Best Selling Subdivisions and Home Builders of 2011

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Ready to Buy or Build a New Home in Boise Idaho? Review the most popular new subdivisions and home builders based on home sales. A Boise Real Estate report based on how Boise Home Buyers spent their dollars in 2011. There are many Boise Homes for Sale and though it is not a popularity contest, it is a good indicator of what home builders and subdivisions others saw the most value in.

Four common themes of Boise home buyers: family, lifestyle, retiring and from out of state

Boise, Idaho has for many years been gaining notoriety as one of the best cities in America to Live, Work, and Play. It has been recognized as a safe and family friendly city plus a great place for empty-nesters, entrepreneurs and for those who are seeking an active outdoor lifestyle. Of course, this is an easy place to get out and explore with the Boise Greenbelt following the Boise River, miles of trails in the Boise Foothills and many other attractions like Bogus Basin Ski Resort, Lucky Peak Reservoir and the Snake River.

Boise Idaho Real Estate has also been making the news. Boise has been noted as one of the worst cities for distressed properties but also recently as a Top Turnaround City. 2011 was an improvement in Boise Real Estate with increased activity in Boise Homes for Sale, decreasing inventory and increasing home values. For the first time in several years, people are agreeing that the bottom of the market has passed and seeing an increase in home buyer inquiries and interest.

Trey Langford, Founder of, interviews Boise new home buyers regularly and has found four common themes: family, lifestyle, retiring and from out of state. It is most common that new homes buyers are following family and many are moving to be close to grand kids. Secondly, most people were familiar with Boise before they moved. They have visited before or several times over the years and just fell in love with the area. Lifestyle seems to be a common theme for everyone in Boise because there is so much open space and availability to take advantage of it. The third trend Trey Langford notes is that most people buying new homes are retired or semi-retired. Many Boise Real Estate Agents and Boise Idaho Home Builders talk about the trend of Empty Nesters as a primary target market. Lastly, it seems common to talk to someone who is from out of state. Most people are from California but the Northwest seems to be the general vicinity many are migrating from.

New construction in Boise seems to be a very popular choice as the market changed forcing lower prices including building lots, trades, building materials, retail products and other services. Part of this was because new homes were were competing with distressed property and the only way to compete was lower prices.

The Boise Idaho Metro area consists of several outlying cities including Meridian, Eagle, Star Kuna, Middleton, Nampa, and Caldwell. Eagle and Meridian, both about 8 miles west and southwest of Boise were the most popular areas for new-home buyers, based on how people spent their dollars.

Best Selling New Communities-
source: Intermountain MLS

Boise Idaho Best Selling Subdivisions in 2011
Harris Ranch: 48 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,806 to 3,611 sq ft. Average Price- $343,709
River Heights: 25 Sales. Home Sizes- 2,035 to 3,375 sq ft. Average Price- $356,280
Hazelwood Village:     20 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,449 to 2,455 sq ft. Average Price- $194,969
Bridgeview: 19 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,209 to 3,586 sq ft. Average Price- $132,116.
Solaire: 18 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,400 to 2,181 sq ft. Average Price- $192,148
Hidden Springs: 14 Sales. Home Sizes- 2,191 to 3,145 sq ft. Average Price- $308,492

Meridian Idaho Best Selling Subdivisions
SpurWing Greens: 30 Sales. Homes Sizes- 2,170 to 3,158 sq ft. Average Price-     $332,681
Bridgetower: 26 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,994 to 3,586 sq ft. Average Price- $275,880
Paramount: 25 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,442 to 3,642 sq ft. Average Price- $270,182
Tuscany (Messina Meadows). 23 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,876 to 3,048 sq ft. Avg Price- $271,025
Saguaro Canyon: 22 Sales. Home Sizes- 2,155 to 3,055 sq ft. Average Price- $293,538
Tustin: 19 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,416 to 3,730 sq ft. Average Price- $185,022
Chesterfield: 17 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,209 to 3,586 sq ft. Average Price- $145,888
Hightower: 14 Sales. Home Sizes-     1,222 to 1,910 sq ft. Average Price- $163,570
Red Feather: 14 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,620 to 2,602 sq ft. Average Price- $236,016
Tuscany: 13 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,970 to 2,987 sq ft. Average Price- $284,123
Alpine Pointe: 12 Sales. Home Sizes- 2,013 to 2,753 sq ft. Average Price- $307,071

Eagle Idaho Best Selling Subdivisions
Lakemoor: 16 Sales. Home Sizes- 2,155 to 3,708 sq ft. Average Price- $423,495
River District: 6 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,722 to 2,594 sq ft. Average Price $327,284
The Shores: 6 Sales. Home Sizes- 3,063 to 3,970 sq ft. Average Price- $531,758
Cabra Creek: 4 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,959 to 2,785 sq ft. Average Price- $270,520
Corrente Bello: 3 Sales. Home Sizes- 2,474 to 3,300 sq ft. Average Price- $401,833
Senora Creek: 3 Sales. Home Sizes- 1,656 to 3,660 sq ft. Average Price- $267,301
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Top Boise Idaho Home Builders
CBH Homes: 277 New Homes Sales
Tahoe Homes: 66 New Homes Sales
Boise Hunter Homes: 64 New Homes Sales
Coleman Homes, LLC: 61 New Homes Sales
Brighton Homes: 55 New Homes Sales
Hubble Homes, LLC: 48 New Homes Sales
D.R. Horton, Inc. : 28 New Homes Sales
Hayden Homes LLC: 27 New Homes Sales
Berkeley Building Company: 26 New Homes Sales
Ted Mason Signature Homes: 24 New Homes Sales
James Clyde Custom Homes: 23 New Homes Sales
HFS Homes, LLC: 21 New Homes Sales
Eaglewood Homes: 19 New Homes Sales
Ninety Degrees Construction: 16 New Homes Sales
Don Young: 14 New Homes Sales
Blackstead Building Co.: 12 New Homes Sales
Paradigm Development:     11 New Homes Sales
Biltmore Company: 10 New Homes Sales

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If you are relocating and searching Boise Idaho Homes for Sale or researching Boise Idaho Home Builders this should give you some idea about the local new construction trends.

For more information visit Boise Idaho's Real Estate Guide to New Homes- Build Idaho

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