“The 2nd Amendment Now Thrives Online” Claims Gun Holsters Unlimited

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Shooting sports authority Gun Holsters Unlimited, one of America's largest retailers of gun holsters, has noticed that the gun ownership and support for the 2nd Amendment is booming at almost the same rate as the internet.

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The recent surge of popular expression and social media is allowing active and prospective gun enthusiasts from around the world to communicate and share ideas and experiences

Far from its days as a historic clause of 1791’s Bill of Rights, gun holster and accessory retailer Gun Holsters Unlimited says support for the 2nd Amendment continues to be alive and well.

In large part due to the growth of the internet, the millions of gun owners and shooting sports enthusiasts in America have established a large presence online, with new gun forums and gun blogs supporting their constitutional 2nd Amendment rights popping up on an almost daily basis.

Gun Holsters Unlimited is one of the United States’ leading suppliers of gun holsters, accessories, and ammunition. They’re also a great source of information when it comes to the hunting and shooting sports industry in general.

The company is noticing that the number of people buying firearms and gun accessories is rising each year, lately topping records as each page of the calendar is turned. Arthur Rouse, President of Gun Holsters Unlimited, believes he knows why:

“The recent surge of popular expression and social media is allowing active and prospective gun enthusiasts from around the world to communicate and share ideas and experiences. This buzz gets more people involved with shooting sports and also brings old enthusiasts back to the range” says Arthur. He continues “We are also finding that, with so much information on weaponry and ammunition now available online, it is easier than ever to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, as well as keeping those arms well-maintained”.

With the internet and its open-dialogue format dampening the once-taboo aspect of gun ownership, Arthur and his team are impressed at the impact the internet is having on the industry, creating a surge of interest and keeping Americans’ right to bear arms firmly in the spotlight.

“Maintaining the rights of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is vitally important to both the respect of our constitution as well as the notion that the United States is truly the land of the free. Just a few years back, gun ownership and discussions about firearms in general were nowhere near as main-stream as they are now. Thankfully, the internet came along just in time and re-kindled the fire” adds Arthur.

Gun Holsters Unlimited is also noticing more women owning guns than in previous years – again, in a large part thanks to the internet. Many new gun blogs and forums specifically cater to the female demographic, as do manufacturers developing gun accessories geared towards women. This effect is trickling down, with even the gun holster and accessory retailers starting to realize the growth of the industry taking place.

“Everyone has a constitutional right to enjoy the privileges of the 2nd Amendment. The fact that the demographics of gun ownership are expanding is a good thing for gun owners and good for the industry in general” concludes Arthur.

To exercise your right, visit the official Gun Holsters Unlimited website at: http://www.gunholstersunlimited.com

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