Plethora of New Products to be Showcased at 2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

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Over 45 companies are launching new products at this year’s Molecular Medicine TRI-CON. Products can be viewed in the exhibit hall on February 21-22.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute announces 47 exhibitors & sponsors to showcase new products at the 19th Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, taking place February 19-23, at the Moscone North Convention Center, San Francisco, CA. The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference is the predominant event on the west coast focused on integrating the entire spectrum of drug development.

The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference has experienced seven straight years of attendee growth, while maintaining a high quality audience. This year’s event is on track to be another successful event. Spanning three days, the meeting is built around 5 scientific channels, encompassing 13 conferences, providing attendees more learning opportunities than ever before.

The 2012 event includes the New Product Showcase, where 47 companies will showcase their new products to event delegates.

New Products Include:
Captor™- Captor™ is a label-free microfiltration system for isolation, enumeration, and retrieval of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for translational research, preclinical and clinical studies.

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD)
Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) Vault® for molecular registration and SAR is:
Lightweight for budget-sensitive labs
Collaborative to scale
Are you a curious scientist?
Explore CDD - Booth #316

Target Insights - Target Insights is an online decision support tool in the drug discovery space. It enables users to identify, prioritize and validate biological targets more quickly and with less risk.

Ingenuity® Systems    
Ingenuity ® iReport ™ - Ingenuity ® iReport ™ is a highly visual, interactive report that rapidly translates a single expression dataset into actionable biological insights through combined statistical and biological analysis.

MxPTM-Energy- MetanomicsHealth combines state-of-the-art metabolite profiling, which enables the analysis of endogenous and xenobiotic metabolites produced during cellular metabolism, with innovative bioinformatics and data mining systems to gain insight into the mechanistic basis of diseases and determine responses to drugs, nutritional or toxic effects. MetanomicsHealth’s targeted energy platform is used to describe physiological conditions affecting the energy status of a cell as well as cell proliferation or apoptosis, processes of high relevance in the area of oncology.

REMEDY Informatics    
InvestigateTM - The Translational Informatics System - InvestigateTM accelerates translational research with 360-degree integration of bench-to-bedside data types, intuitive visual analytics for pattern recognition, a collaborative and extensible ontology, and LIMS, ELN, biospecimen, and clinical registry management.
SurModics® Assay Diluent (Protein-Free) & TMB Enhanced One Component HRP Membrane Substrate & StabilBlot™ Blocker Family
SurModics® Assay Diluent (Protein-Free) - SurModics assay diluent was developed to reduce matrix interference in samples including heterophilic antibodies, such as HAMA (human anti-mouse antibody) and RF (rheumatoid factor). Data indicate that it significantly increases to signal-to-noise ratios and provides a protein-free alternative.
TMB Enhanced One Component HRP Membrane Substrate – SurModics TMB Enhanced One Component HRP Membrane Substrate is a ready to use solution containing 3,3’, 5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine in a mildly acidic buffer. The substrate reacts with peroxidase to form an insoluble permanent dark blue/purple color on the membrane or surface to which it is applied. This enhanced formulation extends the dynamic range of detection, especially at higher concentrations of peroxidase where other substrates may exhibit loss of signal due to washout effects.
StabilBlot™ Blocker Family - The StabilBlot™ Blocker Family is formulated to minimize background and enhance sensitivity in blotting applications. Choose from four formulations to customize based on your assay requirements: Protein-Free, BSA, Casein, and Milk.
HP D300 Digital Dispenser - Tecan introduces the HP D300 Digital Dispenser. This benchtop instrument dispenses picoliter to microliter sample volumes to create dose response curves. IC50 determinations can be shortened from hours or days to just minutes.

Abbott Molecular                                    
Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe Kit - The Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe Kit is a qualitative test to detect rearrangements involving the ALK gene via fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) in formalin‐fixed paraffin‐embedded (FFPE) non‐small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tissue specimens to aid in identifying those patients eligible for treatment with Xalkori® (crizotinib). FDA Approved
c-Kit RUO Kit A Sequencing Assay - The c‐Kit RUO* Kit A is a Research Use Only in vitro assay for determining the mutations in exons 11, 13, 17, and 18 of the human c‐Kit gene. *Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

ABS Inc.                     
Advanced Mycoplasma Testing Service - ABS is providing a new testing service for the detection of Mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures that is a new Gold Standard for objective unambiguous results.

Advanced Cell Diagnostics
RNAscope 2.0 - RNAscope is a breakthrough RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) method that enables routine detection and in situ visualization of virtually any gene at single-molecule sensitivity in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue.

Ambry Genetics                
CLIA EXOME – Ambry Genetics is the first to provide researchers with CLIA exome sequencing services. Our service can be used for biomarker discovery, tumor analysis, pharmacogenomics response and Mendelian disease gene discovery.
Axxin T16 - Isothermal Instrument - Axxin’s advanced isothermal instrument enables the next generation of diagnostic DNA/RNA amplification in a compact, low cost, and sensitive instrument suitable for point of care diagnostic applications. Configured for up to 16 tubes simultaneously and 3 fluorophores.
Xmatrix Infinity - Fully automated and flexible instrument capable of performing IHC, ISH, FISH, CISH, IF and co-detection and multiplexing of protein and nucleic acid biomarkers. Double Stain Detection System - BioGenex double staining detection system is a biotin-free, super sensitive system, which provides a robust detection for visualizing multiple antigens simultaneously on the same tissue sample. It can be used with mouse and rabbit antibodies. MicroRNA in situ detection kits - Using fluorescein labeled probe, BioGenex microRNA in situ detection kits yield exceptional sensitivity and specificity enabling visualization of miRNA in difficult FFPE samples by either chromogenic or fluorescent detection systems.

ExiStation™ Molecular Diagnostics system - ExiStation™ is able to process on average 36 samples/hour, is able to handle up to 6 different types of clinical samples within a single run and is a pipetting-free system.

BioScale, Inc.                
ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation – AMMP Phospho-Protein Assay - BioScale’s ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation and AMMP assays significantly improve sensitivity, accelerate the time-to-results and reduce assay development time for phospho-protein analysis including pP38, pERK1/2, pJNK, pAKT, pALK, & MEK.
BioView USA, Inc.                 
Circulating Tumor Cell System - BioView’s newly developed Circulating Tumor Cell application provides automatic scanning for the detection, capture, enumeration and retrieval of cellular and marker characteristics of any type of enriched sample hybridized with any combination of fluorescent antibodies.
Complete Genomics                
Complete Genomics Cancer Sequencing Service – The Cancer Sequencing Service provides whole human genome sequencing of cancer pairs or trios, delivering somatic and germline variations including SNP’s, indels, CNV’s, structural variations, and mobile element insertions.
Tube Pro Labeling System – Label Print – and – Apply System for a wide variety of tubes and vials, including eppendorf tubes. For more information, please visit us at Booth#220.
Covance Discovery and Translational Services - Covance Discovery and Translational Services provides broad capabilities and in-depth scientific and technical expertise to enable faster go/no go decisions. Our scientific teams have industry experience supporting drug discovery and development and work in facilities purpose built by pharmaceutical companies for drug development. Whether you need a single study or a comprehensive discovery and translational services program, Covance offers extensive resources and industry expertise to help you solve your toughest development challenges.
Crown Bioscience Inc.            
HuPrime®2.0 - CrownBio’s proven commitment to building broader, deeper, smarter PDX models, HuPrime®2.0 is the next generation of world’s largest collection genetically characterized human patient tumorgraft invivo models. Check us out today!
Vector Builder- Vector Builder is a versatile online tool in which you can design your own experimental DNA vectors! Then save time and have us custom build them at a highly competitive price.
Cytel Inc                            
Adaptive Clinical Trials for Oncology – Cytel Inc is a leading provider of clinical trial services and specialized statistical software for biopharmaceutical, medical device, academic and government research. markets.        
Fluxion Biosciences                        
IsoFlux™ Rare Cell Access System - The IsoFlux™ Rare Cell Access System provides a new direction for clinical research. It isolates rare cells from a wide range of clinical samples and makes them available for further analysis using the proprietary CellSpot™ Technology.
ForteBio introduces BLItz, a personal system for micro-volume, label-free analysis - BLItz™ tests for protein presence, does protein quantitation and measures binding kinetics effortlessly in just a drop of sample. Cleverly priced under $20K. Drop. Read. Done. Genius! Try BLItz at Booth 500.

General Atomics, Nirvana Division                
Nirvana Storage Resource Broker (SRB)- Nirvana SRB federates complex legacy environments, providing storage virtualization and metadata management solutions for high-value unstructured data. A unified operations view simplifies migrations, synchronizations, and data management tasks.

Jubilant Biosys Ltd.                    
HTS and Ion Channel Screening - Jubilant’s added expertise in Electrophysiology, High Throughput Screening and In Vitro Biology, enabling Ion channel target prosecution in addition to GPCR’s and Kinases leverages expertize across global discovery centers.

I2E MANAGED SERVICES - I2E Managed Services is a cloud-based text mining service tailored for each customer’s needs for content and vocabularies from both internal and external sources.
NodeSensor™ Assays – are made up of two interacting proteins co-expressed in a human cell line. They enable sensitive and high content detection and measurement, using inherently proteins as reporters.
Norgen Biotek                
RNA Extraction Services- Norgen offers RNA Extraction services from all types of samples at a reasonable price. Have our specialists isolate RNA (including microRNA) from your samples, guaranteeing total RNA of the utmost quality and yield.

Oxford Gene Technology            
NGS – Targeted Sequencing Services - Our comprehensive targeted sequencing service takes you all the way from project design to high-quality, filtered results. Unique and complimentary analysis software provides fast and intuitive access to prioritized results. For more information please contact: OGT Diagnostic Biomarkers, Begbroke Science Park, Sandy Lane, Yarnton, Oxford, OX51PF, T: 0044 (0) 1865 856826, F: 0044 (0) 1865 848684, E:

Omni International – The Homogenizer Company    
Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation - The Omni LH96: homogenize, dispense liquids, pipette, weigh, and eliminate cross-contamination - all with one space-saving automated device. What used to take hours can now be completed in minutes!
Optibrium Ltd                
StarDrop - StarDrop is a suite of software for guiding decisions in drug discovery, helping project teams identify high-quality compounds, fast.
Parthys Reverse Informatics             
Periodic Technology Alerts for Drug Targets - Our alert reports are empowered by synonyms dictionary, which enables us to supply the latest patent applications & patents on your drug target of interest at intervals determined by you!

Platform Computing, an IBM Company            
Platform Symphony MapReduce - Platform Symphony MapReduce is a best-of-breed, enterprise-class distributed runtime engine for MapReduce applications. While 100% compatible with open source Hadoop, Platform Symphony MapReduce provides unique capabilities such as a mixed workload support, dynamic resource sharing and high availability of HDFS NameNode to ensure success deployment of Hadoop applications into production environment. With Platform Symphony MapReduce, organizations benefit from faster performance, high resource utilization (75% sustained level), improved reliability and manageability with their IT infrastructure.

Randox Laboratories                
KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA Biochip Arrays – Randox announces the launch of the world’s first Biochip Array capable of detecting 20 mutations across KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA, utilizing a rapid, sensitive, single tube, multiplex PCR.

Rubicon Genomics            
NovaPLEX Prep Kits - Rubicon has introduced its NovaPLEX™ Prep Kit family, including ThruPLEX™-FD and PicoPLEX™-SC NGS prep kits for fragmented DNA and single cells, as well as OmniPLEX™ preps for diagnostic microarrays.    

SARmont LLC                
Medicinal Chemistry Design and Lead Optimization Services – Design services led by Dr. John Talley, CSO, the inventor of Celebrex and seven other FDA approved drugs. Early stage design and lead optimization services – all IP is retained by the client. Cost efficient compound synthesis via our strategic CRO partner in India, Escientia.     

iPLEX® ADME PGx panel - iPLEX® ADME PGx panel empowers your screening and validation of genotypes associated with drug metabolism. Simultaneously analyze 192 mutations in 36 pharmacogenetically relevant genes and identify SNPs, INDELS, and CNVs.

Silicon Biosystems, Inc.            
Silicon Biosystems’ DEPArray™ Platform, utilizing image-based cell selection, is ideally suited to isolate single cells without contact, from enriched blood samples, such as CTCs and Stem Cells, with 100% purity.

SOMAscan - SomaLogic’s unique SOMAscan™ technology protein biomarker discovery for target discovery and validation, clinical and companion diagnostic development, drug discovery and development, clinical trial design and execution, drug response, and understanding disease biology.

Sony DADC                
SiMoA - Production of the SiMoA consumable is very similar to the manufacturing techniques used for DVD optical discs. Two injection molded discs with microstructures are bonded by laser welding to achieve a laminated final product.

Spry Inc.                    
Agile Analytics - Agile Analytics combines semantic technologies, agile development, and stakeholder engagement tactics to quickly develop data-rich gadgets capable of supporting interoperability analysis, policy compliance, data governance, investment analysis, and portfolio management.

The Jackson Laboratory            
Diversity Outbred Mice (J:DO, Strain No. 009376) - The Diversity Outbred mouse is a new heterogeneous, highly diverse resource designed for complex trait analysis, toxicology/pharmacogenomic screens, compound evaluation studies, and to facilitate rapid mapping with single gene resolution.

TwistDx Limited                
Release of TwistAmp™ exo RT - RT release date: 12th December - TwistDx are making available optimized reverse transcriptase (RT) kits to complement the current TwistAmp™ product line to permit a ‘one-step’ RNA amplification / detection reaction. For further information please contact: TwistDx Limited Minerva Building, Babraham Research Campus, Babraham, Cambridge UK CB22 3AT, T; +44 (0) 1223 496703, M; +44 (0) 7827 975 283,

UNIFlow-MDx - The UNIFlow MDx LIMS has been designed to capture all the complex processes of in a molecular lab – even processes that are changing and evolving with the science.

Veridex LLC                
Using rare cell technology CellSearch, we have developed an automated assay for enriching, detecting and characterizing circulating multiple myeloma cells (CMMC) in the blood of patients diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma

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About Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference
Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference -- the flagship event of CHI - has built this year's event around 5 scientific channels, encompassing 13 conferences, providing attendees more learning opportunities than ever before. Featured channels include diagnostics, chemistry, informatics, biologics, cancer and executive. We are looking to provide attendees a more in depth experience into each of these seven areas of research and development. As the need for better information, new technologies, improved strategies and competitive intelligence becomes ever more acute, this event provides compelling research insight into the future of molecular medicine. In 2012, we expect 3,000 attendees, 1,200 participating companies, 160 exhibitors, 120+ posters, and representatives from over 38 countries.

About Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) is the preeminent life science network for leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations. CHI's portfolio of products includes Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conferences, Insight Pharma Reports, Barnett International, Cambridge Marketing Consultants, Cambridge Meeting Planners and Cambridge Healthtech's Media Group, which includes numerous e-newsletters as well as Bio-IT World magazine.

Founded in 1992, Cambridge Healthtech Institute strives to develop quality information sources that provide valuable new insights and competing points of view while offering balanced coverage of the latest developments. Basic research related to commercial implications is covered, with heavy emphasis placed on end-user insights into new products and technology as well as coverage on the strategy behind the business.

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