As Airline Mergers Grow, Aviation Security Faces Many Challenges and Global Elite Group provides programs to save money, and increase security

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Global Elite Group is now providing aviation security programs tailored to meet the changing economic climate.

As airlines look to remain profitable during challenging economic times, Global Elite Group works with major, international carriers and regional airlines on new ways to protect passengers and assets. “The greatest challenge in the aviation industry is the ability to remain profitable in an environment with an uncertain economic outlook. This is often related to their debt crisis, the increasing cost of oil, instability in many parts of the world and the increasing pressure of airlines to operate with a minimal impact on the environment,” explains Victor Anderes, Executive Vice President of the New York based-Global Elite Group.

Global Elite Group not only provides security management services internationally through its 14 locations around the globe and 6 locations in the U.S., but due to the constantly changing economy, in every country, offers its clients a business perspective into markets served. “We have to keep an eye on how businesses can prosper in the countries we are doing business. We are doing it for ourselves so when we work with a client we help them navigate how best to do business, understand the culture, control costs and be profitable. Our clients are very happy with this new service,” stated Will McGuire, President and CEO of Global Elite. For instance, the costs associated with security, for airlines in most countries outside the U.S. is the responsibility of the airline. Plus, regulations differ from country to country. Knowing where to spend the money while meeting regulatory obligations can be a difficult goal for an airline, Global understands this and provides many cost savings solutions.

Navigating this can cost a lot of money for an airline entering one or multiple markets. This is where Global comes in. “We understand that there are savings in security programs. This does not come from cutting staff but through recognizing where money is best spent. Too often, we have found through our security audits that there are redundant and multiple security measures doing the same task at the same location. An overlapping of skilled security people while a deficit exists elsewhere; is a huge waste of money. We find the waste and fix it,” explained Anderes.

On the international front, airlines face a lack of harmonization. “Depending on where airlines operate, there are different security requirements in effect,” Anderes explained. Countries do not recognize the different security requirements, there isn’t any reciprocity, a big cost to companies who are dedicating staff to monitor this aspect of operations. Global Elite understands that this international redundancy cannot be avoided, but, their trained staff knows the regulations from country to country, providing this service, as well. “Global has clients on every continent in the world. Each has operations in almost every country in the world. Through these relationships, we have an unprecedented network of contacts who we work with daily,” said Anderes. Having this network available, truly gives the company that “Global Reach” airlines need to take advantage of to save time and money. “We are able to assist our clients in preparing for, and addressing, the challenges before they event become a hurdle.”

Given the global security climate, it is vital to airlines to be adaptable in their security strategy. “Threat conditions change very quickly and in order to stay ahead of the curve, we constantly monitor conditions on the ground on a 24/7 basis through our operations center. We actively monitor multiple sources of information including data being provided by our own assets on the ground to make real-time assessments and decisions.”


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