Cheetah Learning Offers Free Tips for Business Professionals on How to Deal With Change

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The Project Management Professionals (PMPs) at Cheetah Learning ( have announced they are offering business professionals a download on how to adapt and be effective in the face of change. The download is called “Making Change Stick” – and it’s free.

Missions change. Strategies change. Technologies change. Perhaps that’s why Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, warned “Change before you have to.” Because adapting to change fast requires both project management and accelerated learning, the Project Management Professionals (PMPs) at Cheetah Learning have announced they are offering a new free download entitled “Making Change Stick.”

How important an issue is it?

In a recent survey, IBM’s Global Business Services division asked more than 1,500 CEOs about what leaders will need to steer their companies going forward. Number one on the list: “Expect to make more business model changes to realize their strategies.”

The second item on the list echoed Welch’s warning: “Invite disruptive innovation, encourage others to drop outdated approaches and take balanced risks.”

Michelle LaBrosse, founder and CEO of Cheetah Learning, knows a thing or two about change and risk: As a single mother of two, she started her company from scratch and built it into a multi-million dollar powerhouse in the Project Management education field, a competitive arena with 1,600 providers who are registered with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

“The one constant in all our lives is change and the faster we can adapt, the more quickly we can pursue emerging opportunities,” said LaBrosse, who was named by PMI as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Project Management in the World. “Here’s the rub: We are wired for stability and to resist change. How can we use our skills to create business processes that have staying power?”

How, indeed.

Here are some highlights from LaBrosse’s “Making Change Stick.” Though they were created for Project Managers, they are helpful guidelines for any business professional.

Make Change Relevant to the People Who Need to Participate in It – “Part of your job is to make sure people not only know where you’re going, but that they also understand why they are going there. Explain why, and make it compelling.”

Paint a Picture of Success – “Make sure people can see what success looks like. If your change initiative is successful, what will the outcome be? Show your team what the result will look like.”

Plan for Fatigue – “Change fatigue is a normal part of any process change, so be ready for it. When you start to see people slacking on their goals and rolling their eyes in meetings, you are there. Shake up assignments. Assign new team leaders to different tasks.”

Keep Senior Leadership Engaged – “If your team sees that leadership no longer cares about this initiative or it is off their radar screen, they will lose interest. It’s your job to keep your leadership team up to speed and excited.”

Spend Time Focusing on How to Institutionalize the Change – “Once you’ve reached your milestones, look at how you are going to make this change permanent. What are the ongoing resources required? Use your skills to not only manage it but to make it stick.”

The full transcript of “Making Change Stick” is available as a part of “Accelerate Your Learning . . . Accelerate your Earning,” Cheetah’s theme for February. It can be found as a “Daily Tip To Keep You Tops” download at and Twitter

Those considering Project Management as a career choice, should visit to learn more about becoming a Certified Project Manager as well as request Cheetah Learning's free Exam Prep SmartStart Guide for the PMP.

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ABOUT: Cheetah Learning is a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider and is International Association of Continuing Education and Training Certified. Cheetah was awarded the Project Management Institute Professional Development Provider of the Year for 2008 for the significant contribution it made to the field of project management with its accelerated approach to teaching and doing project management.


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