Celebrity Party Planner and Entrepreneur "The Party Goddess" Offers The Top 10 Lessons in Business and Life You Can Learn From Academy Award Winners

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Watching the Academy Awards is more than entertaining. The best movies also have some of the best lessons for both business and life in general. Celebrity party planner, entrepreneur, business coach and author Marley Majcher takes a look inside past Oscar winners and this year's hopefuls and some of the lessons learned in top performances through the years.

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Marley Majcher, Founder and Owner of The Party Goddess!

"Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, give it everything you’ve got. It’s not only the recipe for happiness, it’s the path to success," Marley Majcher on the lesson learned in "The Help"

That statuesque golden boy has been wooing audiences since 1929. But the Oscar winners have more to share than entertainment or even a night of watching the red carpet. Marley Majcher, founder of the nationally acclaimed event planning and catering company The Party Goddess! and author of But Are You Making Any Money?, says the Oscars provide a wealth of business and life lessons.

Majcher shares her top 10 business and life lessons from previous Oscar winners and this year’s Oscar hopefuls.

1. Jerry Maguire
Five Nominations. One Win.

So cataclysmic was Jerry’s decision to chuck it all and start his own company that his name is now a business term. It’s called the “Jerry Maguire Moment”, the instant when someone stops following their bank account and starts following their heart.

“Make the decision to choose integrity like Jerry,” says Majcher, “and then, should the opportunity arise, go change the world starting with your own.”

2. Working Girl
Six Nominations. One Win.

Tess McGill had big hair and big dreams. The hair got shorter. The dreams grew. How? Majcher notes she had a very chic, very streamlined idea.

"Dress the part you want, act the part you want - not the part you have. Then go after it," explains Majcher. Spoiler alert: It works.

3. Rocky
10 nominations. Three wins.

A good cardio workout is one lesson of this timeless 1976 champion tale. Another is never backing down. That means going against impossible odds, doubters, pessimists, and obstacles.

“Rocky taught us all how to fight. Not just with our fists, but with our fervor,” says Majcher. “In life or business, we all have at least one passionate fight in us.”

4. It Happened One Night
Five Nominations. Five Wins.

This romantic classic taught there is more than one way to hitchhike. It also taught priorities. The awkward yet intimate relationship between spoiled heiress Ellie Andrews and hungry reporter Clark Gable teaches that happiness is not synonymous with money or fame.

"Both, eventually, gave up what they perceived they wanted for what they truly desired. Risking it all – either in business or life - might be everything it takes," adds Majcher.

5. Forrest Gump
13 Nominations. Six Wins.

From fighting a war to running across country, Forrest Gump was a constantly shifting body of motion. What made him a success was his focus. During a pivotal point in Forrest’s life, a soldier gave him some advice about ping pong, “Now the secret to this game is, no matter what happens, never, never take your eye off the ball.” It turns out, that’s the secret to life, too.

6. The King’s Speech
12 Nominations. Four Wins.

He stammered. King George VI, known by his family as “Berty,” had one main duty to perform as King: speak for his people. Problem was, he couldn’t. He believed it was impossible. Lionel Logue, however, showed Berty that his limitations were only perceived.

“We all face impossible tasks in our business – reaching a certain income, increasing our production, streamlining our processes, being that success we all dream about,” says Majcher. “But Berty showed us something monumental, that the impossible rarely is impossible. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.”

7. Moneyball
2012 Best Picture Nominee

The Oakland A’s didn’t stand a chance. Too poor. Too underrated. Too…other bad things. So General Manager Billy Beane, with the assistance of computer analyst Peter Brand, rewrote the playbook. If they stood no chance of winning with the accepted formula, then they had to rewrite the formula. It meant looking at the problem from a different angle and being creative with their resources. No more following the beaten path. They beat out a path for themselves. And the result…speaks for itself.

8. The Help
2012 Best Picture Nominee

They cooked and cleaned and raised children. Thankless jobs. Yet maids Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson gave it everything they had. The children loved them, the homes were spotless, and the fried chicken was never burned.

“What you are doing matters less than how you do it,” says Majcher. “You may not yet be living your dream. But wherever you are, whatever you are doing, give it everything you’ve got. It’s not only the recipe for happiness, it’s the path to success.”

9. The Dark Knight
Eight Nominations. Two Wins

Batman had a choice: save himself or save his city. That’s the point of Batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.

"In business, you are confronted with many choices. Usually two, just like Batman. Right will rarely be easy. But it will always be right," explains Majcher.

10. The Sound of Music
10 Nominations. Five Wins.

The Sound of Music taught people to think about their favorite things, that doe is a female deer, to never sit in a chair without checking it for acorns first. It also taught people that standing on their principles will take unbounded courage. And maybe good hiking shoes.

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About Marley Majcher - “The Party Goddess!”
Marley Majcher is CEO of “The Party Goddess!” a nationally acclaimed full service event planning and catering company. From understated elegance to rock star fabulous, some of her celebrity clients include Britney Spears, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Heigl and Snoop Dogg. She is also the author of "But Are You Making Any Money?" and is a speaker and business coach, working with entrepreneurs across the country.


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