NewsEngin Adds 70 Publications Using itsAmpere Cloud-Based Content Management Software

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In the last 12 months NewsEngin Inc. has added 70 publications to the roster of news organizations that rely on its Ampere suite of cloud-based content production services.

In the last 12 months NewsEngin Inc. has added 70 publications to the roster of news organizations that rely on its Ampere suite of cloud-based content production services, the company announced today.

Ampere combines end-user newspaper software and cloud-based services to drive the mission-critical journalistic and publishing processes of print and digital news organizations.

Some of the nation’s most prominent national and regional news publishers have come to rely on Ampere as their content management system since its debut three years ago.

“Customers have been plugging into NewsEngin Ampere at a steadily increasing pace for several years now, right on through the recession,” said George Landau, president and founder of NewsEngin ( “The success of our cloud service attests to the maturity of our software and our mastery of Amazon’s utility computing grid.”

NewsEngin uses Amazon Web Services to provide high-performance cloud services with unparalleled resilience, availability, data security and affordability.

“Amazon and its EC2 global computing grid have profoundly enhanced NewsEngin’s ability to launch and maintain redundant services for our customers,” Landau said.

Before the rise of cloud computing, NewsEngin already offered a mature suite of browser-based newsroom software written for the open-source LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

The company’s early embrace of LAMP has allowed NewsEngin to take full advantage of Amazon’s Linux-based grid, offering those battle-tested apps as a 24/7 cloud service.

NewsEngin has built a proprietary tool, “Gearbox,” to manage its Amazon resources in a way that allows early detection of and rapid recovery from virtually any sort of disruption, whether the problem affects a single virtual server or an entire region of the globe.

“We use Gearbox to deploy Amazon’s cloud resources with the expectation that individual components will inevitably fail,” Landau said. “For the cloud we design systems with physical and geographic redundancy so that when any part of the machine breaks, the outage is either invisible to end users or very short in duration -- and always with no loss of data whatsoever.”

Most of the newsrooms using Ampere were able to go live in a matter of days, with no on-site training and no on-site servers. They further benefitted from NewsEngin’s practice of offering the richest set of content management tools at the most affordable license fees.

At the core of Ampere is software called GPS, a platform-neutral content-management system (CMS) designed to help journalists create, manage and repurpose all types of content. Sometime referred to as “newspaper software” or an “editorial front-end,” GPS helps organizations adapt quickly to the changing nature of news coverage and distribution, while also protecting legacy investments in pagination and web-publishing software.

GPS intelligently routes and packages all content eligible for digital publication and allows all newspapers, websites and broadcast properties in a company to track and share content.

Stories and text elements are written directly in GPS, using a full-featured word processor that requires no browser plugins. GPS features a powerful, intuitive plugin for Adobe InDesign (CS4, CS5 and CS5.5, for OSX and Windows).

Both GPS and NewsEngin's InDesign plugin support newsrooms with traditional, centralized staffing as well as virtual newsrooms that distribute tasks such as editing and page design to workers in various locations.
On the back end, GPS can deliver edited stories to a web CMS for publication to PCs and mobile devices. Automatic categorization of content can automatically route Web content to the correct areas of a site or app.
GPS includes an intuitive digital-asset manager that can serve as a management dashboard for collected photos, audio and video files.


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