Insect Immunity to Pesticides Can Be Overcome with Non-Toxic Solutions, Says New Report from Planet Amazing

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Chemical-based pesticides have proven to lose effectiveness over time as insects develop immunity. After 30 years of chemical pesticides in the USA, many insects have become at least partially immune, including aphids, bedbugs, lice, fleas, ants and roaches.

Aphid Guard
It is common for chemical pest treatments to completely fail and for insects to resist them, thus the term 'resistance' is applied to this phenomenon.

"Scientists have shown that insects have developed immunities to most chemical pesticides," a new report from Planet Amazing says. Because of these immunities, it is common for chemical pest treatments to completely fail and for insects to resist them, thus the term "resistance" is applied to this phenomenon, the report says.

"Planet Amazing has non-toxic solutions that do not use chemicals," says Justin Douglas, expert researcher for Planet Amazing. "Because of this, insects can be treated with our products when traditional chemical products are not working. An example is Planet Amazing's new product called AphidGuard, which uses the a solution that is based on non-toxic microcrystals from Planet Amazing. The microcrystals are not based on chemicals and can completely treat insects that have developed resistance to other traditional chemical pesticides."

Mr. Douglas explains that the aphid cure has already been in use for decades by professional organic farms to keep their crops free from aphids. He says, "For gardeners wondering how to kill aphids, the AphidGuard aphid cure will kill aphids naturally, providing aphid control without any poisons by using an environmentally friendly patented substance from Planet Amazing. Gardeners looking for organic aphid control as to how to get rid of aphids will appreciate the non-toxic Planet Amazing product."

"Aphids never grow immune to our product," Mr. Douglas explains, "because it is not a chemical. Aphids do grow immune to older pesticides which used poison, and we have completely eliminated all poisons from our entire product line at Planet Amazing. Some benefits of AphidGuard are that AphidGuard is easy to use, just dust your plants once every 3 months and you're fully protected. AphidGuard is poison free so it won't harm your pets or small garden animals. It only kills bugs. AphidGuard is inexpensive so one container will last you for the entire year and beyond."

Aphid Guard is approved by the EPA as a safe pesticide and it is certified as non-toxic.

"AphidGuard kills aphids by simply shredding their intestines," according to the scientists that have helped to develop the non-toxic product. "The rough micro-crystal spears in AphidGuard attach to the legs and bodies of aphids as they crawl across it. When they groom it off, the crystals are like ground glass in the bugs intestines, shredding them from the inside out, resulting in internal bleeding, dehydration and ultimately death. Because of the tiny size of these crystals AphidGuard is harmless to your pets and family as both intestinal tracks are hundreds the size of that of an insect. Simply wet your plants and dust them lightly with AphidGuard. It's fine white powder lightly covers the leaves for just a few days, that's all it takes to be aphids free."

As one customer said, "After 6 years of gardening, this is the first season I haven't seen a single aphid whole in anyof my plants."

For more information or to purchase AphidGuard, visit the AphidGuard page.

About Planet Amazing

Planet Amazing, the makers of AphidGuard™ is an EPA registered manufacturer and packager of family-friendly and environmentally safe pesticides and other products. Planet Amazing sets high standards for their operating companies in the area of environmental responsibility — striving for performance that does not merely comply with regulations but reduces the environmental impact. They commit to take care of our planet and preserve its beauty, resources and strength for future generations. Planet Amazing embraces research and science - bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the lives and well-being of people. Employees of the Planet Amazing Family of Companies work with its partners in order to touch the lives of people every day, throughout the world.


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