New Curb Painting Startup Business Course is Now Available from Shoestring Publishing

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Curb painting startup business can be started for less that $20 and has high earning potential, Shoestring course says.

Curb Painting Business
The market is wide open. Every homeowner is a potential client.

Everyone has experienced the pizza guy or a delivery truck not being able to find your house, and now a new business startup course from Shoestring Publishing teaches how to solve this need and make a lot of money at the same time. According to Justin Douglas of Shoestring Publishing, the course teaches how to start a curb painting startup business.

"Curb painting is a real business that almost anyone can start, which has some great benefits," Mr. Douglas says. "If you don't know what curbing is, and a lot of people don't, it's when you paint the numeric portion of an address on the curb in front of the property. Sounds pretty easy right? Well that's because it is. Not only is it easy but it's easy to sell because it's extremely beneficial. Having address numbers painted on the curb offers several benefits to any homeowner or business owner and can be seen by any visitors, friends, family, delivery trucks like FedEx or UPS, pizza delivery, police, fire, ambulance and more."

Mr. Douglas identifies six benefits to the curb painting startup business:

1.     The market is wide open. Every home owner in your area is a potential client.
2.     Low start up costs. Anyone can open a curb painting business for less than $20.00
3.     Anyone can do it! It takes no special skills, learn all there is to know in less than 30 minutes.
4.     It's the easiest thing in the world to sell. Every home owner wants it and chances are the only reason they don't have it is that no one has offered yet.
5.     Work whenever.
6.     Full time or part time, this is the easiest money.

The course teaches how to start this business, and also has a startup boot camp that covers business topics like accounting, marketing and legal issues, all focused on the person starting this business. For more information, visit the Curb Painting Startup Course website.

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