Mother Writes Honestly About Her Journey through Her Daughter’s Bipolar Disorder

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Maggie Reese, has written a new book titled Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder now available at

Maggie's Mom and her granddaughter.

Maggie's Mom and her granddaughter.

You might be a Bipolar Mom like me and feel like a kindred spirit and know you are not alone!

Her daughter is Maggie Reese, who has written a new book titled "Runaway Mind, My Own Race With Bipolar Disorder". This is Maggie's story from the black and murky view inside of a major bipolar mental illness, and also the story of the family, on the outside, peering into that dark window and trying desperately to understand.

So, there she was, a Mother of 19 years and her child is out of control. Beginning to suspect that something is really, really wrong! Fear is taking over her every waking moment, eating too much, not sleeping at all, starting to snap at the rest of the family, and down deep in her heart she is beginning to think she will never have a life of her own again! It all appeared to be so unfair.

Expert from the book "Runaway Mind, My Own Race With Bipolar Disorder". "I called the new psychiatrist and I let him have it for a while! When I calmed down I told him he owed me the answer to one question ... if Maggie was his daughter, what would he do? He was silent for a minute then said he would try to get her into the psychiatric unit at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto." (Page 134)

In her words this journey was a welcoming to the world of a being a Mom of a Bipolar daughter. But somehow she also knew that in themselves, parents of bipolar children are legion.

After Maggie finished her book, she dragged her Mom kicking and screaming into writing her side of her story. Worst of all, Maggie was so brutally honest with her part of this story that her Mom had to be just as honest with her part of Maggie's story.

In the view of Maggie's Mom, if you are Bipolar, readers will find a kindred spirit in this book and feel not so alone, or readers might just want to know more about the Bipolar illness so that they can better understand a friend, or readers might be a Bipolar Mom like her and feel like a kindred spirit and know they are never alone.

Maggie wrote this book “Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder”, with the vision of giving hope to others living with Bipolar Disorder like herself and give their families and friends faith that a person with this mental illness can lead a normal productive life.
The International Bipolar Foundation nominated and approved Maggie Reese to be on their Executive Board and she is the recipient of the 2011 Young Advocate of the Year Award presented by NAMI of San Diego.
Maggie continues to plant the seeds of hope for those living with and affected by Bipolar mental disorder through her website at,
Follow her journey at her blog Maggie’s Runaway Mind world at, post questions and follow her on Facebook at

Maggie can be seen on her YouTube channel at and heard monthly on the new show Runaway Mind on Blog Talk Radio interviewing her guests in a fun and deeply honest style.


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