Superb New Wavelength Calibration Standard Released by NSG Precision Cells

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Customers demanded it, so NSG Precision Cells produced it. A spectrophotometer wavelength calibration standard that never needs to be replaced or recalibrated.

Wavelength Calibration Standard

Wavelength Calibration Standard

NSG secures the finest wavelength calibration standard for a variety of scientific labs.

With up-to-date technology, NSG Precision Cells is honored to announce their latest innovative product in calibration standard technology, wavelength calibration filters. The filter is uniquely specified in calibrating the wavelength of spectrophotometers and other spectral instruments. It is extremely robust as well as NIST compatible and is highly recommended for all types of laboratories.

With over 40 years of expertise in the silicon industry, NSG Precision Cells delivers high-grade manufacturing and designing. Likewise, NSG Precision Cells is connected to the Tosoh Quartz Inc. family, who is a universal company that has delivered first-class products and advanced technology since 1935.

NSG Precision Cells is highly knowledgeable in constructing, forging and fine tuning superior products such as spectrophotometers and various types of filters like wavelength calibration. Not only are their products of high value and quality but they exceed NIST standards. As well, NSG provides full support even after acquisition.

The NSG wavelength calibration filter is a solid and easy to handle instrument that maximizes cutting edge technology. It has a wide array of features that will benefit and meet the needs of today’s laboratory scientists. Some of the innumerable attributes include the following: never degrades, high durability and easy to clean, never needs to be recalibrated, NIST certified and NIST compatible, can be customized to fit any laboratories needs, never needs to be replaced and has an immeasurable lifespan.

Furthermore, the NSG Precision Cells wavelength calibration filter has unwavering reflectance, is thermally stable and is exceedingly diffuse. As well, the exclusively innovative filter never degrades, never needs to be replaced or recalibrated. Moreover, some of the specialized high-tech features include wide-ranging absorption spectral data, calibrates the wavelength of moderate to high resolution, calibration data is available for peak absorbance wavelengths, establishes wavelength scale precision of reflectance spectrophotometers, calibration data is comparative to maximum absorbance and surpasses standards. Also this calibration standard provides consistent standards with solid absorbance features and high resolvable peaks and tests the wavelength calibration of spectrophotometers in visible and near infrared spectrum regions.

As a world leader in silicon products, NSG Precision Cells affords the ideal resolution for the increasing demands for economical and quality products. With leading-edge technology and specialized custom designs, NSG secures the finest wavelength calibration filter for a variety of scientific labs. Decisively, NSG Precision Cells produces the most efficient and topmost quality wavelength calibration filter in the industry.

The NSG Precision Cells wavelength calibration filters are an incredible innovative advancement in Nano technology. It provides scientists the freedom of never having to recalibrate or attain another calibration kit. It is perfect for reflectance spectrophotometer system arrays and other spectral instruments. In summary, NSG Precision Cells guarantee that their wavelength calibration filters never needs to be replaced or recalibrated, is user friendly and can be used with any spectrophotometer.

Conclusively, NSG Precision Cells produces the most economical and highest quality wavelength calibration filters on the market. Exceeding wavelength standards, the NSG wavelength calibration filter is ideal for quality control and optimum performance.

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