The Common Cent$ Diet e-book Addresses Needs of 86 Million Do-it-Yourself American Dieters

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Diet Plan Saves Consumers 98%, Say Weight Loss Consultants

"Dieting doesn’t need to be expensive. This do-it-yourself plan works, is safe, and costs $1.99 - complete."

Two leading weight loss experts, Susan Burke March, Registered Dietitian/Author/Consultant, and John LaRosa, a leading 23-year analyst of the weight loss market, have co-authored a new 115-page e-book entitled: The Common Cent$ Diet For The Busy Girl: Simple Do-it-Yourself Weight Loss.

Healthy weight-seekers can choose from hundreds of weight loss programs and products – each claiming to have “the secret” to easy and quick weight loss. Consumers have seen it all—from the most ridiculous fad diets to mail order pills and potions, to infomercials, to multi-level distributors--you name it. It’s time for common sense.

The authors questioned why many of these weight loss programs are so complicated, cumbersome and expensive, and are not sustainable over the long term.

Here’s what the typical 12-16 week diet plan will cost consumers today, based on Marketdata Enterprises industry research:

  •     Commercial weight loss centers (Weight Watchers, Jenny, others)… $300-1,200
  •     Medical weight loss clinics, very low calorie plans….$1,800-3,500
  •     MD plan, bariatricians, using prescription obesity drugs….$600-1,200
  •     Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist….$650-800
  •     Retail meal replacements (bars, shakes – Slim-Fast, others)….$250-500
  •     Diet food home delivery services (NutriSystem, Medifast, others)….$875-3,000+
  •     Weight loss surgery (gastric bypass)…. $25,000
  •     Hospital-based program….$250-500
  •     Multi-level company plan (Herbalife, Shaklee - meal replacements)….$250-300
  •     Infomercial plan, diet pills purchased by mail order or phone….$175.

“Dieting doesn’t need to be expensive to work. The Common Cent$ Diet e-book, complete with website support, costs only $1.99 via This simple diet with 14-day menu plans and using regular food, eliminates 98% of the cost, travel to diet centers, expensive company supplements, drugs, weigh-ins and other hassles. We say this plan is almost zero cost because consumers can just substitute frozen healthy entrees for food they would have purchased anyway. The only cost is the book”, according to co-author and Marketdata President, John LaRosa.

Frozen entrees have come a long way since the TV dinners of the 1960s, but not all are created equal in terms of nutrition and taste. The authors based this plan on “healthy” brands that are lower in sodium and calories, yet taste great. All can be prepared by microwave in 6 minutes or less, making this program perfect for working women.

The authors show you how to choose from popular healthy diet food brands: Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Kashi, Amy’s, and more. This flexible plan includes lunch, dinner and snacks each day. You get your own exercise program as well. The regular menu contains no more than 2000 mg of sodium/day and the lower-sodium plan limits it to 1500 mg/day – much lower than the government-recommended maximum of 2200 mg/day.

Recent Marketdata research shows that 80% of dieters want to lose weight on their own. With no fees required of any kind – ever – this home-based, convenient and affordable plan provides safe, nutritionally balanced weight loss. The plan can be used indefinitely, losing 1-2 pounds per week.

“Common sense, and common cents! Besides convenience, and portion control, a frozen entrée menu plan means easily budgeting your diet and having some left over for treats such as a new pair of running shoes or a spa visit.”, according to co-author Susan Burke March, RD.

Marketdata’s research points to the following dieting trends and facts:

  • Marketdata estimates that the number of American dieters in 2012 has risen to 108 million. But, not ALL of these dieters will turn to a structured weight loss program. Fully 80% of dieters want to diet by themselves—translating to 86 million people in the U.S. alone.
  • 2009-2011 were the years of the “value diet”. Many dieters shifted to free and low-cost do-it-yourself weight loss programs (, and other diet websites), due to the recession.
  • More do-it-yourself dieters and men now want to sign up for an anonymous weight loss model (i.e. websites, mail order) where no in-person meetings are required.
  • 90% of online dieters are female.
  • 61% of dieters prefer to use regular grocery store food, while 5% want meal replacements (shakes, bars), and only 6% prefer to use diet company food.

The Common Cent$ Diet Eliminates…

  • Counting daily points or calories    
  • Purchasing expensive “diet foods” or supplements
  • Traveling to a weight loss center for meetings    
  • Registration fees or contracts    
  • Ongoing weekly or monthly fees
  • Injections, prescription drugs, or diet pills.

Bonus With e-book Purchase: Access to a supporting diet website at no charge:, which includes: helpful articles and videos, tips for online dieting,
weight loss tools and calculators, the latest weight loss market and company news, weight loss blog by John LaRosa and Susan Burke March.

About The e-Book

The Common Cent$ Diet For The Busy Girl: Simple Do-it-Yourself Weight Loss, published in October 2011, is an e-book that costs only $1.99 and is available for purchase in the Kindle format at See attachments for a Table of Contents and Sample Chapter.

About The Authors

John LaRosa, BS, MBA, is the founder and President of Marketdata Enterprises, a Tampa, FL market research publisher and consulting firm with a specialty tracking the weight loss market since 1989. Mr. LaRosa has performed consulting projects and custom research for Fortune 500 weight loss companies, entrepreneurs, industry analysts, medical and commercial weight loss chains, MDs and entrepreneurs. Mr. LaRosa is the creator of several weight loss information/review websites: and

Susan Burke March, is a Registered Dietitian, author, consultant and Certified Diabetes Educator. She is a committed professional counselor dedicated to helping people learn strategies to improve their health and accomplish their weight goals. She had a multi-year tenure as VP of Nutrition Services at Susan is a registered dietitian (RD) and a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in the state of Florida.

About Marketdata Enterprises

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., is an independent market research firm and 23-year analyst of the U.S. weight loss industry since 1989. Marketdata publishes many weight loss market studies, sells dieter leads, and performs consulting. It also operates two leading, free diet review and news websites:, and Mr. LaRosa is available for interviews and consulting.

Contact Information

John LaRosa, Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., Tampa, FL - Phone: 813-907-9090
email: john(at)marketdataenterprises(dot)com

Susan Burke March, Flagler beach, FL – Phone: 954-478-1152
email: susan(at)susanburkemarch(dot)com


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