Releases Historical Criminal-Records-Found Statistics

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Today, released their historical criminal background check criminal-records-found statistics that include nearly ten years of data.

Criminal Background Records

Criminal Background Records estimates that approximately 25% of records returned are actual criminal records for the individual being investigated.

In the United States has performed criminal background checks for a decade. These background checks include county criminal check, statewide criminal check or national criminal background check. has customers in all 50 States and today releases the following historical statistics:

  •     59% of all criminal background checks performed through returned some form of public record;

o    This includes exact and similar-name-match-only search results as well as Alias name matches

  •     20% of all criminal background checks performed through returned a Date of Birth (DOB) match;

o    24% of all National criminal background checks returned a DOB match
o    20% of all Statewide criminal background checks returned a DOB match
o    9% of all County criminal background checks returned a DOB match

  •     20% of all criminal background checks performed through returned Sex Offender Records (SOR), which generally include single mug shots of the offender within the search results. Mug shots of the sex offender provide users of the best unique identifier available.

o    22% of all Statewide criminal background checks returned Sex Offender Records
o    13.5% of all National criminal background checks returned Sex Offender Records
o    7.5% of all County criminal background checks returned Sex Offender Records

The above data includes all criminal background checks performed through from January 2003 through January 2012. DOB matches of county criminal checks are significantly lower than statewide or national checks as a majority of employers conduct statewide and/or national checks first. Subsequently, if there is a "hit" employers will then further drill down to the county level. For each county criminal request sends out a professional court researcher to that specific county courthouse to retrieve criminal records in question. This methodology provides employers the most accurate and up-to-date criminal records available thereby allowing decisions on hiring, firing, promoting, or reassigning decision in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

One should note that these statistics have inflated records-found-percentages as many clients of perform personal background checks on themselves with the foreknowledge of their own criminal record. While a significant portion of clients use criminal background checks for employment screening purposes is also utilized for personal background checks, nanny background checks, elder care screening, staffing, and tenant screening. estimates that approximately 25% of records returned are actual criminal records for the individual being investigated. Some States also return certain traffic records or low level offenses (civil records) such as “walking a dog without a leash” or noise complaints. California, as an example, 50% of returns are for traffic records and low level offenses.

If there is a Social Security Number (SSN) match the search matching algorithm will always return these criminal records. However, a key issue within the background retrieval industry is that criminal records rarely include an SSN. Historically most criminal records filed within a county court system are stored by “name and year of birth” or “name and date of birth”.

With the increased use of criminal background checks, as part of American employment screening and tenant screening, the need for precision search matching techniques has come to the forefront. Precise search matching methodology has become a major area of development within the criminal record retrieval industry. As seen above, the statistics are super inflated. This inflation is due to name-match-only on criminal records returned and name-match-only search results are frequently not the actual criminal records of the person being investigated.

When performed for tenant screening purposes, typical criminal-records-found percentages within the United States range from between 3% and 7% with Florida having the highest criminal-records-found percentage of all US States.

In recent history apartment managers/landlords and employers wanted as much information and/or data available on an individual to aid them in making a wise leasing or employment decisions. Today these same people are overwhelmed by the excessive and uselessness of data provided. Subsequently, they only want criminal records that have a high probability of being the person they are investigating. One solution to this is to only return criminal records that have a year of birth or date of birth match. This would drastically decrease the junk data that requires review thereby saving landlords and human resources a great deal of time and money. Additionally, when they get a "hit" most likely it will be the actual criminal records of the actual person being investigated. This methodology is a much more efficient and effective way of screening individuals for past criminal history for employment or leasing purposes.

As a standalone procedure, name and date of birth matching works very well for most businesses. However, has been developing other precision search matching options that optimize matching efficiencies, while at the same time not missing potentially relevant matches due to a DOB being one day off the actual DOB of the person being investigated (where the name is an exact match). Certainly Human Resources and those who conduct background screening will demand better information and more substantive criminal reports. It is the belief of that more precise search logic and better formatted criminal reports will eliminate the need to spend countless hours searching through erroneous data that doesn’t help employment screening decision efforts at all.

To learn more about the evolution of the criminal background retrieval industry please view History and Evolution video on YouTube at:

About        is an Information Enterprises, Inc. Solution and is a national background checking site that specializes in criminal background checks. The site has been providing background checks to employers, schools, universities, landlords, individuals and other entities for over a decade and has active members in all 50-US States. Individual products consist of criminal background checks including county, state and national background checks, Social Security number validation, address history traces, Federal court searches, driving records and professional verifications. Visit them online at:

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