New Line of Extremely Durable, High Tenacity Nylon Fabrics Provide Manufacturers with a Range of Options at Very Competitive Prices

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Manufacturers looking to incorporate high strength, extremely durable warp knits into their products may want to consider Hi10™, a comprehensive group of fabrics containing high tenacity nylon blended with spandex. Darlington Fabrics developed this innovative new line for sportswear, military uniforms, and other applications requiring superior durability and strength.

Hi10 Branded High Tenacity Nylon Fabric

Hi10 Brand High Tenacity Nylon Fabric by Darlington

Hi10 is lightweight, abrasion and tear resistant, and provides much greater performance.”

Apparel manufacturers are responding to demanding customers with innovative and creative design, clothing that is more durable and capable of greater performance. Darlington Fabrics developed Hi10™, a comprehensive line of high tenacity nylon fabrics blended with spandex, to support innovative manufacturers in their search for competitive advantage.

Mindy Earleywine of Darlington Fabrics notes that, “High tenacity nylon fabrics are extremely strong and durable. They are lightweight, abrasion and tear resistant, and provide much greater performance.”

“Furthermore,” Mindy notes, “they are more comfortable for the wearer. The stretch fabric allows the garment to fit snugly without feeling restrictive. And for applications where appearance is important, the fit makes for a better looking garment.”

Hi10™ products include 10 ounce per square yard Tricot fabric, Tricot without spandex (5.4 ounce per square yard rigid warp knit), mesh in two styles, and 5.8 ounce per yard hook receptive elastic fabric.

Steve Perry, Darlington Senior Vice President, adds that, “The high tenacity nylon in Hi10 products is produced under specific manufacturing conditions which combine drawing or stretching of the fiber with molecular-chain-length modifications.” Darlington’s Tony Latrechiano confirms, “Since long molecules are harder to pull apart than short molecules, the resulting fiber is significantly stronger than standard nylon.”

When products require warp knits with superior durability and strength, consider Hi10™ from Darlington Fabrics.

About Darlington Fabrics

Darlington Fabrics is a division of The Moore Company, founded in 1909 and still focused on innovation. Sister divisions include The George C, Moore Company, Fulflex, Moeller Marine, Moeller Plastics, and AMER-SIL.

The Moore Company continues to manufacture products in the United States. International manufacturing facilities complement domestic capabilities while serving regional markets around the globe.


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