Above Average Australian Rainfall Places Pet Owners on Notice This Upcoming Flea Season, Announces Online Pet Accessories

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Leading Online Pet Store, Online Pet Accessories, announces its distribution of Frontline Plus in order to control flea infestation as the warm weather and flea season arrives.


Online Pet Accessories

Online Pet Accessories, the leading pet shop in Australia, has announced its release and distribution of Frontline Plus for all of its current and prospective clients, in light of the expected problems that the increased rainfall in the country will be bringing to its inhabitants.

According to the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology, the amount of rainfall that came in during the past year has increased significantly - which may result to a flea infestation epidemic that may exceed proportions beyond those of the flea seasons experienced in the past.

The Bureau, using more specific numbers, has released its annual rainfall statistics for the year 2010-2011 of major Australian locations, like the following: Perth – which had an increased annual rainfall of 70.9% in 2011 compared to 2010, Melbourne – which had an increase of 23.15% for the year 2011, Sydney – which had 21.63% increase for the year, Cairns and Darwin – both locations having an increase in rainfall of 24.92% and 25.58% in the year 2011, respectively.

Unfortunately, this increase in rainfall in the country has dramatic consequences for pet owners and pets alike. This is because of the fact that with more rain, more moisture and humidity will be in the air, which is the perfect breeding atmosphere for fleas – thereby resulting to a flea infestation during the warm weather which will be harder to control.

And what makes this situation even worse is the fact that though pet owners opt to treat their pets for their flea problems accordingly – there are those who tend to respond a little too late – thereby putting their pets in a disadvantage and in danger.

Because of this seemingly bleak scenario, many pet owners in the country are now looking for the best ways to control and defeat this flea infestation problem as soon as possible. However, not all of the products that have come out today are as efficient and as effective as they claim themselves to be.

This is the primary reason why Online Pet Accessories released Frontline Plus - which is considered by many experts to be the most efficient solution against fleas. According to studies, this product has been specifically designed in order to kill fleas in every cycle – this made possible by first extinguishing the adult fleas on the pet, and then later on the killing of eggs as soon as they are hatched.

Frontline Plus’ special formula has also been found to be able to put larval and pupal development to a halt immediately – resulting to the prevention of flea reinfestation and stopping the outright contamination of the pet owner’s home. Indeed, in order to maintain the safety of one’s pet and to retain the safety of one’s home – it is essential that one is able to use only the most viable and effective flea product.

This is why every pet must be treated with Frontline Plus at least once a month. And to further ensure that fleas are controlled before the warm weather arrives – treatment of the pet during winter is also strongly recommended by experts.

Frontline Plus and other pet supplies are sold and distributed by Online Pet Accessories – Australia’s leading online pet store. If you have any inquiries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact them at (08) 9296 7544 or visit their website at http://www.petshop-online.com.au.

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