Infoglide Announces I-BIRDS, Industry’s First Community Search Anti-Fraud Solution for Financial Institutions

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Inter-Bank Intelligent Risk Data Search is Privacy-Compliant Approach to Federated Queries for Fraud Detection

Infoglide today announced I-BIRDS, or Inter-Bank Intelligent Risk Data Search. I-BIRDS is a community search solution that provides financial institutions with a secure, data-privacy-compliant, collaborative and automated means to search for and verify persons of interest that may exist within the banking community. This is the banking industry’s first ever community search solution for enterprise fraud management.

“Individuals and businesses involved in serious fraud and money laundering often spread the criminal activity across multiple financial institutions during a single campaign. Yet, while a number anti-fraud point solutions focus on detecting and preventing fraud on a department or company level basis, none have succeeded in providing a community-wide view of fraudulent entities. Until our I-BIRDS,” said Infoglide CEO, Mike Shultz. “We created I-BIRDS to help the community work together to find and link suspicious entities without violating privacy compliant policies.”

Infoglide is a Government Grade Security technology company that has been delivering identity resolution software solutions to federal and state governments and commercial organizations for over 15 years. It has now developed a community search solution for financial institutions, leveraging the power of privacy compliant data analyzed across many organizations to more effectively cull fraud risks. I-BIRDS enables financial institutions to query other organizations, across corporate firewalls, to seek out fuzzy matches of fraud risk, and return matches, all in a method that can conform to organizational and regulatory compliance policies. This is possible thanks to Infoglide’s unique ability to perform a search and match within each organization’s firewall, and only return a score representing the likelihood of a match and a reference number.

“Infoglide supports anonymous entity resolution, which is useful when you want to make inquiries about an individual, but data privacy laws get in the way of providing such information, for example between a bank in Switzerland and one in the United States,” said Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research.

I-BIRDS features include:

  •     Privacy-Compliant Anonymous Query that enables banks to query other banks’ FRAML data without violating privacy policies or sharing data.
  •     Real-Time, Federated Community Search consolidates scored results into a single intuitive interface.
  •     Accurate and Sophisticated Matching with the I-Score Index resolves cultural and linguistic variations in the data such as aliases, phonetic errors and abbreviations.
  •     Reliable and proven technology that is already in use by the US Department of Homeland Security as well as other Fortune 500 banks, retailers and insurance companies. I-BIRDS was designed by experts in fighting fraud and AML with extensive experience in data privacy and security.

“Banks have been apprehensive over sharing databases because of the potential risk exposure from transferring confidential customer data. Infoglide’s I-BIRDS should allay this fear because no data is transferred, only a score of the likelihood of a match," said Stephen Chamberlain, a senior associate at the Manhattan law firm Drohan Lee, as quoted in a January 31, 2012 Thomson Reuters article titled: “Data Mining Tool Can Assist Fraud and Money Laundering Compliance.”

“FRAML compliance officers already share information with other banks on potentially risky customers, counterparties and transactions,” said Richard Horowitz, a Manhattan lawyer who specializes in facilitating or vetting international financial transactions. “I-BIRDS enables financial institutions to better comply with section 314(b) of the Patriot Act by performing enhanced due diligence that would not be possible without this technology.”

Several financial organizations and government agencies - especially those focused on fraud management, anti money laundering and financial crimes enforcement - already work with Infoglide. These customers were the inspiration for the development of I-BIRDS, which will be delivered through a subscription service. Infoglide welcomes interested companies to discuss I-BIRDS implementation now, by contacting

About Infoglide Software Corporation
Infoglide ( supplies identity resolution and entity analytics solutions to government and commercial markets. Infoglide’s flagship product, Identity Resolution Engine™ (IRE), searches disparate databases to discover possible matches and non-obvious relationships between people, places and things. IRE has over 50 attribute-specific algorithms that are used to find matches and social links between entities despite errors in data and intentional attempts to deceive. The product is used by organizations in the insurance, banking, identity management and government spaces for fraud detection, compliance, anti-money laundering (AML) and screening. Incorporated in 1996, Infoglide Software is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas.


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