7-Keto, Contained in iSatori’s Lean System 7® and MX-LS7™ (isatoritech.com) , Featured on Dr. Oz as the #1 Supplement to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

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According to Dr. Oz, the #1 “Belly Blasting supplement” to boost metabolism is called 7-Keto, which can be found in iSatori’s two most popular fat burners: Lean System 7® and MX-LS7™ (http://www.isatoritech.com/leansystem7). As people age, levels of 7-Keto in the body declines, but by supplementing and returning to more youthful levels, individuals can “rev up their metabolisms.”

Earlier this week, Dr. Oz talked about something many Americans dread—belly fat. Belly fat can be so difficult to lose, even after “everything” has been tried. But Dr. Oz shared good news. There are supplements on the market that can help fight belly fat. Sure, people still need to “do the work” and exercise and eat healthfully, but certain nutrients can provide an extra “crutch” or edge. One such nutrient is called 7-Keto, which was introduced to the fat-burning market in 2004 in a supplement from iSatori called Lean System 7 (http://www.isatoritech.com/leansystem7) and was also included in the “maximum strength” fat burner called MX-LS7 (http://www.isatoritech.com/mx-ls7).

Check out what was said on Dr. Oz here:

"7-Keto has been shown to help our bodies burn more fat, faster, without the stimulating effects most thermogenics impart. This can be a real benefit for those who are sensitive to stimulants and those who wish to supplement for longer periods in order to lose more weight," explains Stephen Adele, CEO of iSatori Technologies, the makers of Lean System 7 and MX-LS7 (http://www.isatoritech.com).

In fact, 7-Keto has been shown in clinical trials to be a potent weight-loss aid. As people age, the metabolism (the rate the body burns calories) begins to slow, and often, the body insists on burning less calories, particularly after the age of 25. The inevitable response is to store the "unburned" calories as fat, and thus, people have a harder time keeping unwanted weight off.

This may well be because the activity of particular enzymes in the liver, which is the main metabolism regulator, also naturally declines with age. Consequently, as we eat, the food we used to easily "burn off" at a younger age is now held on by the body as stored energy—better known as fat. This is where 7-Keto can play a vital role in weight reduction and particularly in fat loss.

7-Keto is quite different in its mechanism of action in the body—it helps increase metabolic rate by way of non-stimulatory means. A much safer approach to fat loss than stimulants. In fact, a peer-reviewed clinical trial reveals a significant reduction in both bodyweight and bodyfat in overweight adults: in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, conducted on iSatori’s Lean System 7 and published in the prestigious NUTRITION journal (Feb; 21 (2), 179-85, 2005, found online here, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15723746).

The results of the study revealed that the group taking Lean System 7 experienced a significantly greater reduction in hip circumference measurement than did the group taking placebo (4.85 cm vs. 2.34 cm). Additionally, the Lean System 7 treatment group had significant reductions in body weight (2.9 kg), BMI 0.97 kg/m2) and waist circumference (5.78 cm) with no change in lean muscle mass over the course of the study. Furthermore, the BMR which accounts for 70% of daily caloric expenditure, was also measured in this study, and it is important to point out that the placebo group had the expected decline in BMR (-14 kcal/d) over the eight-week period while the Lean System 7 group had a 1391% increase (+178 kcal/d) in BMR. This illustrates a preservation of metabolic rate by Lean System 7 in the face of caloric restriction, which normally results in a decrease in BMR. The largest increase in BMR by a subject taking Lean System 7 was a remarkable 930 kcal/d. Most importantly, there were no significant changes in vital signs, health assessment scores, or adverse events between the two treatment groups, demonstrating that the oral administration of Lean System 7 is safe and has a side effect profile that is no different than placebo.

The best part about 7-Keto, Dr. Oz concluded on his show, is that it’s “extremely safe.”

Lean System 7 and MX-LS7 are available in some high-end supplement retail stores, as well as online directly from the manufacturer at isatoritech.com. To find out more about 7-Keto and Lean System 7 and MX-LS7, visit isatoritech.com.

Retailers interested in carrying Lean System 7 and MX-LS7 should contact Europa Sports, America's largest sports nutrition distributor, at 1-800-447-4795, or visit http://www.EuropaSports.com.

About iSatori Technologies:
Based in Golden, Colorado, iSatori Technologies was founded in early 2002 by Stephen Adele to provide clinically tested nutritional supplements and is the only company dedicated to providing complete dietary and exercise solutions for building a better body and living a healthier, richer life. iSatori's life-enhancement, weight-loss, and muscle-building supplements, such as PWR™, Eat-Smart® bars, MORPH MegaDrive™, FLASH POINT™, Amino-Phase™, Isa-Test™, Lean System 7®, Energize®, MX-LS7™, Curvelle, MORPH™, and Liquid MORPH+™ are available in over 31,000 retail stores nationwide, including GNC and online at drugstore.com, as well as in 12 countries. iSatori recently received the industry's NBJ Gold Award for Growth in Small Companies category. For more information about iSatori and their scientifically proven products, visit their website at http://www.isatoritech.com, or call one of their fitness experts at 1-866-688-7679.


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