Eco Vita Offers Some Advice on How Herbal Tea Can be a Good Prevention for the Pollen Dust in the Air

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Millions of Americans suffer from an allergy to pollen dust, which is also known as hay fever. The symptoms range from sinus aggravation to watery and itchy eyes. Hay fever can also cause more severe problems such as asthma. Herbal teas like TEN-CHI CHA produced by Eco Vita LLC can help reduce the severe symptoms.

There are still other herbal teas and plants that can offer some relief from an allergy to pollen dust.

For many people, taking an oral antihistamine is simply not something they would like to do. In a search for a simpler method to get healthy, some look to old fashioned remedies and try to determine if something like herbal tea can be a good prevention for the pollen dust that plagues them on a seasonal or daily basis. Fortunately, there is a good bit of evidence to suggest that herbal teas like TEN-CHI CHA can help treat and prevent the milder symptoms. Clinical trials based in Wisconsin used the double-blind testing method to determine if certain allergy triggers could be treated with herbal remedies. The results were surprisingly good.

Using the same premise that allergy shots do, a small amount of a particular allergen was introduced in an oral form to the members of the study. For example, if someone in the study was stricken by hay fever caused by a particular type of grass pollen, a specific small amount of that substance was given to the person.

Called an isopathic remedy study, this process was repeated and studied for several weeks with a large number of people. The vast majority of people found a significant improvement. This principle could be applied to herbal teas as a preventative for the pollen dust during certain times of the year. It would require great care to make sure a person was receiving the exact type of allergen exposure that he needed, but if this is not possible, there are still other herbal teas and plants that can offer some relief. This same study targeted the effects of a tropical plant known as Galphimia glauca. Over seventy percent of the people who were tested for hay fever relief showed medical evidence of improvement.

While these isopathic and herbal studies did have success with many types of allergic reactions, there was no improvement for those who suffered from an allergy to dust mites or birch pollen.

It would be advisable to visit with an allergist to discuss whether or not herbal tea can be a good prevention from the pollen dust so many people are affected by. Not only will this help determine the exact cause of the allergic reaction, a physician who specializes in allergies may know of the ins and outs of safely treating allergies and hay fever with homeopathic and isopathic remedies. If nothing else, it may be possible to discuss drinking herbal tea while using local honey to alleviate discomfort. Also, during pollen season, shower and wash the hair every day to remove pollen dust, change the linens frequently, and vacuum carpets, curtains and furniture. Removing the dust from the environment can go a long way.

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