It’s Not Just a Catholic Objection, It’s a National Offense; The Imperfect Messenger Foundations say, “Without Choice there is No Freedom to Choose!”

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Composed within the U.S. Constitution lies the foundational fulcrum upon which all American civil liberties are leveraged; this composition is known as the Bill of Rights which, historically, refers to the First through Tenth Amendments to the Constitution. Curtis Greco, a noted author and constitutional analyst, says that though “The sentry to the Bill of Rights, I would argue, is the First Amendment; this single Amendment contains the thread which both binds and defines the expanse of all Unalienable Rights, expressly, beyond reach of the U.S. Constitution enumerated provisions and operational processes. The fact that the Obama administration would be so bold as to cross this fundamental boundary represents a patently breach of implicit Constitutional prohibitions and an explicit display of the Administrations contempt for its sacred boundaries.” The Imperfect Messenger Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of this nation’s constitutional heritage, lends its endorsement to the Catholic Church and every faith-based organizations defense against the federal government’s impositions and intrusion upon the sacred domain that defines this non-severable construct: The Bill of Rights.

The Imperfect Messenger Foundation willingly joins the emerging battle over the imposition of the Obama administration planned enforcement of contraceptive mandates upon faith-based organizations. Curtis Greco, a noted author and constitutional analyst, recently stated that “it is a known fact that the Bill of Rights originated out of a preponderance of concern, on the part of the leadership of many of the founding state, that a national government might re-orientate the Constitution's enumerated powers. Although each is integral to the implicit ideal of the Constitution, key among them are the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments; the sentry of all, I would argue, is the First Amendment; this single Amendment contains the thread which both binds and defines the expanse of all unalienable rights beyond reach of the U.S. Constitution enumerated provisions and operational processes.”

Greco continued, “This is a seminal constitutional issue. It is far more than an issue regarding the barrier between the role of government and the implicit barrier that exists between the artifice of bureaucracy and religious quarters. Some would like to bracket the conversations as somehow being a ‘women’s rights’ issue but this would serve only to demean the matter to the base of mediocrity; it is far more profound and defining. It is the most sacred component that is the lingering essence of that which we all should hold to be self-evident; the very construct that defines that which is one's unalienable right and the government’s attempt to willfully vacate this integral and explicit bond. The First Amendment affirms the keystone in the arch of freedom suspending the crushing force of despotism.” For further review of The Foundations position, the following article is recommended: “The Many Extensions of Freedom.”

The Imperfect Messenger Foundation shares Mr. Greco’s observations; this is not merely an issue limited to the domain of the religious; this issue is about the right to express an unalienable right without fear of government intrusion or retribution. From the Foundation's perspective this is, distinctly, a matter of grave concern to all Americans; if one is barred from the right to express a choice, then one is no longer in possession of being Free to choose and this, we are certain, is incompatible with The Bill of Rights and will of the sovereign American people.

The Foundation encourages the American people to contact their representatives and Express Their Influence in defense of their sacred and unalienable Bill of Rights!

Greco’s articles can be seen with regularity in various publications however feel free to source and view each of his commentaries online at The Imperfect Messenger Foundations website.

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“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be expressed!” C. Greco


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