Goldlite Hypnosis and Virtual Band Hypnosis™ Recently Helped Charlotte Lose 70 lbs. and Overcome Alcoholism

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Goldlite Hypnosis and Virtual Band Hypnosis™ Recently Helped Charlotte Lose 70 lbs. and Overcome Alcoholism

Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

Renee Sakr, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

Alcoholism is a learned behavior. We can unlearn it with the help of Hypnosis.
Renee Sakr, BCH, CI.

Goldlite Hypnosis Institute recently announced helping Charlotte lose 70 lbs. by using the Virtual Band Hypnosis™system. Charlotte went through a long divorce and to comfort herself she started drinking wine. She drank at least a bottle of red wine per day.

Charlotte went online, researched the internet and found Goldlite Hypnosis Institute. Charlotte was scared of doing hypnosis and unsure of what it is and how it works. She reluctantly called Goldlite Hypnosis Institute, Mrs. Sakr picked up the phone and with love and compassion in her voice, Mrs. Sakr started answering the questions of Ms. Charlotte, giving her examples and explaining to her that there is nothing to be afraid of. That hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that happens to people many times during the day. Like when someone is driving on the freeway and misses their exit by couple miles and all of sudden wonders where he she is (that person is in a state of hypnosis). Or, if someone is watching a movie and gets engrossed by it and if someone calls them, they would ignore it or do not give it attention or their eyes will pop out in wonder and can be a little dis-oriented (that person is in hypnosis too). Mrs. Sakr also explained to Charlotte what is Virtual Band Hypnosis™ . How Virtual Band Hypnosis™ work and how it help people lose the weight faster than ever before.

Ms. Charlotte was comforted and she decided to give hypnosis a try. Within the first week Ms. Charlotte lost 7 pounds and reduced her alcohol intake to half. She was taught to pass the glass of wine under her nose very slowly, sniff the wine very gently before even bringing it to her mouth. Then when ready start having very little sips. Keeping the wine for a short while in her mouth and savoring it more and more. Charlotte was getting more satisfaction from a little sip than she used to get from drinking a whole glass. Within few weeks Charlotte reduced her wine intake to one glass a day.

Then working more and more on it, her wine intake was reduced again to 3 glasses a week and this is where Charlotte wanted it to be. At the same time of reducing the extreme wine intake Charlotte was helped with Virtual Band Hypnosis™ to get motivated to lose the weight and started exercising vigorously and that helped her lose 70 pounds within 3.5 months.

"There is always a reason for our behaviors nobody likes to over drink or over eat for no reason," says Renee Sakr.

There is always a root cause that forces our behavior and working with the root cause is Mrs. Sakr goal. She says "Our philosophy is to work with the root Cause of a Problem and not with the Symptoms; Working with the symptoms only corrects the problem if the symptom is superficial and not connected with any deep seated hurt or negative emotions and feeling. If the latter situation exists, dealing with the symptom can correct the problem, but another symptom will appear or come to light, to replace the first one".
People have been losing weight with Hypnosis for centuries, but the good news is, the weight loss with the Virtual Band™ Hypnosis is much faster and more effective in losing the weight and keeping it off. Because their subconscious mind remembers forever what was said during that procedure and still acts on it whenever needed.
What is Virtual Band Hypnosis™?
Virtual Band Hypnosis™ is a procedure that is done in the mind, which helps the individual visualize the procedure happen in their mind, and then the mind will make it a reality.
Tell me more about it?
The Plan of Action entails 6 to 8 private sessions. First of all Goldlite Hypnosis Institute alleviate all kind of fear or misconception about hypnosis. Then Goldlite Hypnosis Institute deprogram the mind of all that old programming such as eating for boredom, eating for emotions, eating for loneliness which are replaced with new programming of health, happiness and success.
Then, Goldlite Hypnosis Institute teach the clients how to get rid of negative thoughts and behaviors and how to think positive at all times in order to draw positive experiences in their lives and stay positive at all times.
Would anybody benefit from Virtual Band Hypnosis™?
Yes, anybody would benefit from Virtual Band Hypnosis™ if they are motivated to lose the weight, especially individuals who need to Lose More Than 25LBS.
What else is in it for the client?
In addition to all the above, the client will go home with a special Hypnosis CD which they can listen to as often as they want and it will be a feedback for the individual private sessions.


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