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TimeForge has released the first free restaurant scheduling software in the industry.

TimeForge, a leading provider of labor management software, announced Friday that it is making labor management simple with the first free restaurant scheduling software to be offered to consumers, TimeForge Scheduling Free. This fusion of technology and common sense uses a powerful software engine to allow for quick scheduling of employees, eliminating costs associated with time-consuming Excel and paper scheduling.

Additionally, restaurant management can easily set up TimeForge Scheduling Free so that employees are able to check their schedules online from anywhere, eliminating late and missed shifts. This free restaurant scheduling software also automatically communicates the schedule to employees by email, and allows employees to enter their own time off requests, which are automatically enforced once they are approved by restaurant management. TimeForge Scheduling Free allows restaurant managers to build a schedule in just a few minutes, then quickly and easily modify that schedule as needed, while the system ensures employees are constantly kept in the loop through emails and TimeForge messages. Restaurant managers can review or approve employee requests, build shift schedules, estimate labor costs, and accomplish other restaurant management tasks through TimeForge Scheduling Free from any internet-enabled device or computer. The most radical advancement by the forward-thinking company is remote access for restaurant managers and staff access their schedules while off-site. TimeForge Scheduling Free makes labor management simple.

TimeForge Scheduling Free reduces the amount of time managers spend in the office. Using TimeForge, managers can be sure that their schedule is built quickly and easy for staff to understand. By cutting down their scheduling time, restaurant owners and operators will have more time to be on the floor with customers and manage employees face to face. This will improve their company's bottom line through better customer service and reduced turnover. “The request for a free restaurant scheduling software came from a friend, and I thought it was a great idea for small businesses,” commented TimeForge owner Anthony Presley. “By allowing managers to build their schedules from anywhere and rest assured that every employee has received their schedule – all for free - we can help business owners really kick their operations into high gear without hurting their profit, and it's a great way to shake up the industry!”

Building schedules has always been easy with TimeForge. Now that TimeForge offers free restaurant scheduling software, managers at businesses with less than 25 employees can have the same labor management advantages that large chains and corporations have. Since TimeForge is internet-based, this information is securely accessible from any location. Managers and employees can see when they are scheduled or approved off by using their smartphone or home computer.

A manager or owner can simply sign up for TimeForge Scheduling Free through the website to set up his or her account. Immediate scheduling can be done from anywhere. This promises to be a great advancement for managers who are concerned about the time they are spending in the office.

TimeForge's announcement that it now features the free version promises major changes in the way labor management is done. The scheduling industry has never seen anything like this. Labor management can be easy, with simple and fast scheduling for any business, regardless of budget. Setting up the system is fast, and saves businesses a lot of revenue. Since it is so easy to use, TimeForge helps managers get back on the floor and out of the office - for good.


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