Marvin Uses the Moneyball Method for Mobile Security

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Advanced Artificial Intelligence Disrupts the Status Quo at the RSA Conference

Marvin Mobile Security

Marvin Mobile Security

As security experts from all over the world gather at the RSA Conference in San Francisco to discuss the increasing problem of mobile malware, the answers may be found in a data center across the bay. The data center is home to a unique mobile security solution called Marvin. This system, now being offered to the public, is a three-year effort by cyber security experts and top data scientists in academia and industry. Marvin’s patent pending technology (USPTO #61535804) is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning.

Machine learning is the automated and more advanced counterpart to the statistical data analysis used by the 2002 Oakland A’s and depicted in the Oscar-nominated film, Moneyball. A’s management demonstrated that statistical models are a much more accurate predictor of future success than judgments made by expert baseball scouts with decades of experience. Marvin demonstrates that artificial intelligence, having the ability to analyze millions of data points simultaneously, can detect malware at an astounding accuracy rate as compared to the leading anti-malware technologies.

Statisticians and computer scientists at Marvin Mobile Security have spent the past three years perfecting their malware detection models to achieve optimal performance. Aspects of malicious behavior can be measured in thousands of ways, but the experts at Marvin have identified the key combination of these variables that produce a signal among all the noise.

Marvin is entirely automated, performs over two-dozen static and behavioral analyses in minutes, and is not reliant on the individual experience of high-demand malware analysts who are costly and are prone to human-error. Another unique feature of this advanced technology is the automatic detection of zero-days, or malware that has never been seen before. Marvin makes sophisticated malware detection quicker, more effective, and scalable.

Billy Bean, the manager of the Oakland A’s, removed all human bias and signed the players that statistical models suggested. He trusted a computer over the longtime experience of the team scouts. The failure of the scouts to find the outstanding players follows a central finding in cognitive psychology called the availability heuristic in which an expert relies on knowledge that is readily available rather than examines other alternatives or procedures.

The scientists who developed Marvin discovered a similar human bias in the malware detections of various security vendors. While working with the Windows data set, where there are millions of malware samples available, they found a strong correlation between the type of malware detected and the anti-malware vendor. For example, one vendor detected the majority of trojans but did not reliably detect other malware types; another security vendor detected viruses but missed most everything else; and yet another detected rootkits but did not detect trojans and viruses. The Marvin scientists theorized that the segmentation that revealed itself could be due to malware analysts exhibiting cognitive bias.

This finding formed the basis of the Marvin technology. Marvin provides a critical capability for enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. Marvin can be easily incorporated into existing security infrastructures and is offered as SaaS requiring no investment for hardware minimizing enterprise risk and resulting in significant cost savings.

About Marvin Mobile Security

Marvin Mobile Security was founded on a simple yet powerful idea: program the machines to learn to adapt and protect themselves against malware. Marvin provides a highly innovative mobile security solution that can be easily incorporated into Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. Enterprises, alternative app stores, and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) use Marvin to protect their brand and ensure that sensitive corporate data is secure from malicious apps.

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