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Personal Finance Expert Walter Edelstein has published new content that provide banking advice on how consumers can prevent themselves from becoming a victim of ATM card skimming and retirement advice on how individuals can stretch retirement savings. Personal Finance Site Network Personal Finance Site Network

Much of the uncertainty about making your money last longer during retirement comes from the fact that you simply don’t know how long you and your spouse will need to draw upon your retirement savings.

Personal Finance expert Walter Edelstein, CFP® is providing updated financial information and advice on several important topics including banking advice on how consumers can protect themselves from the growing issue of ATM card skimming, and retirement advice on how to stretch the value of retirement savings. Personal Financial Site Network continues to provide consumers with free information and easy to implement practical ideas to help them achieve their personal financial goals.

ATM cards are a convenient and popular way to access funds in bank and checking accounts. But using an ATM card is not without risk. Unfortunately, the practice of “ATM skimming” has become a significant problem in recent years. According to Mr. Edelstein “Even though banks work to protect your accounts from unauthorized access, if your ATM card is skimmed you’ll still be faced with a great deal of stress and hassle in trying to get the issue straightened out.”

Many individuals work very hard to save for retirement but are uncertain about how to use the moneys that have been saved. “Much of the uncertainty about making your money last longer during retirement comes from the fact that you simply don’t know how long you and your spouse will need to draw upon your retirement savings. It’s therefore important that you have a plan for how you’re going to make your retirement savings last as long as possible” according to Edelstein.

What is ATM Card Skimming and How to Protect Yourself From It?

ATM skimming occurs when a thief installs a card reader inside the ATM card slot. This device will read the information on an ATM card’s magnetic stripe when inserted into the ATM, so that the thieves can “clone” a card and use it to withdraw money from an account or make purchases at retail stores. Many times consumers are completely unaware that the card has been skimmed, and won’t find out until the account has been compromised. Mr. Edelstein writes about a number of precautions consumers should take when using an unfamiliar ATM.

Retirement Advice on How to Make Your Money Last Longer During Retirement

Running out of money during retirement is something that no one wants to face. Regardless of whether an individual is already retired, or retirement is still a few years away, there are many things that can be done to make the savings accumulated last longer. This article identifies a number of steps consumers can take to make the most of their savings and other accumulated benefits.

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