Corporations Sponsor Expansion of “Learn From the Best” (LFB) Program for Biofeedback in the US at NRBS Conference in April

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The Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society Annual Conference aims to increase the visibility of biofeedback and with the support of the BFE-LFB program, expand the knowledge and use of biofeedback to improve health and performance.

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Mark Schwartz, BFE Program Director

In my presentation at the conference, I plan to address how the BFE-LFB (Learn From the Best) program is designed to increase biofeedback’s visibility and help provide education and training to professionals entering the field.

Biofeedback practitioners from the northeast will meet in April to discuss ways to promote the field of biofeedback. The topic of the Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society’s Annual Conference will be Realizing the Potential of Biofeedback, A Call to Action. The conference is scheduled for the weekend of April 20-22, 2012.

As Mark Schwartz, Director of the BFE “Learn From the Best” Program and a presenter at the conference explains, “We all know the potential of biofeedback/neurofeedback to change people’s lives for the better. Most people outside of the field have not heard of it and it is rarely mentioned in the media, even when complementary therapies are being discussed. In my presentation at the conference, I plan to address how the BFE-LFB (Learn From the Best) program is designed to increase biofeedback’s visibility and help provide education and training to professionals entering the field. It is also designed to help expand existing practices and enable them to forge links with established centers that provide health services in their regions.” In the United States, the program relies extensively on support from corporate sponsors like Biofeedback Resources International (BRI), Bio-Medical Instruments Inc. (BMI) and Essential Control Systems.

One reason for the lack of professional interest in learning more about biofeedback has been the high cost and inaccessibility of good education and training materials. The BFE-LFB program is intended to address this issue by offering high quality courses at a reasonable price.

Sponsors Reduce Cost for Professionals to Attend Chronic Pain Webinar
For example, biofeedback is used for muscle re-education and relaxation as part of the treatment of chronic pain. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, “Pain is a significant public health problem that costs society at least $560-$635 billion annually.” Professionals interested in learning more about this topic and obtaining continuing education credits at reduced cost, can receive a BFE-LFB discount coupon from one of our sponsors to attend an upcoming webinar on chronic pain. Presented by Dr. Richard Sherman, the webinar titled Psychophysiological Assessment of Chronic Pain will take place on Thursday, March 15th, 2012 (1:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern Time). Dr. Sherman is the Dean of the Psychophysiology Doctoral Program at the University of Natural Medicine in the US and Director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Foundation. He is also the leader of the BFE-Chronic Pain International Research & Education Project team that receives financial support from the Biofeedback Federation CIC, a non-profit organization located in the United Kingdom. The BFE Chronic Pain team creates independently researched educational and training materials for the LFB program.

Sponsorship of Public Education and Outreach Through Social Media
Another aspect of the LFB program is promoting the services of practitioners to membership groups in their regions via social media. On Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 (1:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern Time) Dr. Sherman will present a webinar on Psychophysiological Assessment and Biofeedback that is ideal for newcomers to the field or members of the public interested in learning more about biofeedback. He will introduce psychophysiology, the study of interrelationships between the mind and the body. Interested professionals can promote their services to local groups by offering them the opportunity to attend the webinar for a small administrative fee.

Breathing Better with EZ-Air Plus
There are many biofeedback approaches, but most practioners will agree that an important first step is learning proper breathing techniques. The BFE offers a program called EZ-Air Plus that allows the user to place a small bargraph or linegraph on their computer screen to pace their inhalation and exhalation. You can let it run continuously, or take mini-breaks throughout the day. Try it free for 30 days at

About the BFE-LFB (Learn From the Best) Program
BFE-LFB program provides continuing education via conferences, seminars, workshops, internet courses, and software for professionals around the world. Content is developed independently by International Research & Education Project teams. Financial support comes from the Biofeedback Federation CIC, a non-profit Community Interest Corporation located in the UK. For more information, visit the BFE Online Shop. The next BFE Annual Conference, their sixteenth, is scheduled to take place September 11-15, 2012 in Rzeszów, Poland.

Carol Meyers
BFE Education Manager


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