Doreen Carrie Takes the World from Social Networking to Social Magnetizing™

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The first Social Magnetizing Site® combines the truth of the ages with the technology of the time to create one sensuously powerful site.

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Every great mind had said we were born in an effortless energy and Doreen was determined to make it happen.

Doreen Carrie, founder of EE For Life, LLC as well as, has been on a Magnetized Mission all of her life. Even as a child she had the uncanny ability to see a person beyond their blocks. Throughout the years, friends, family and even strangers, regardless of the condition or desired vision, would feel a significant shift after speaking with her. Intuitively Doreen knew that if a person could become unblocked on the inside, they could become unbound on the outside. It was these early energy shifts that became the signature of her future endeavors.

Although continuing to unblock and unbound countless people over the years, Doreen muddled through school and graduated college like everyone else. After being hired by a Fortune 500 company after graduation, she quickly knew this was not where she was supposed to be. Unfulfilled and frustrated she left the company after a year and at 24 years old, vowed never again to work for anyone but herself.

Seeing an opportunity to weave her energy shifts into the exercise world, Doreen created one of the earliest Mind/Body Aerobics Workouts in the early 80’s. It was an instant success. Participants raved not just about their physical transformations, but about how unblocked and unbound they felt after each class.

The classes flourished over the years, but once again Doreen felt she was not where she was supposed to be. She wanted to do more than unblock and unbound people in class, she wanted to teach them how to do unblock and unbound themselves. To meet that goal, Doreen partnered with Patty Comforti and started Life Zones, a company that created seminars and interactive workshops teaching the principles of energy. Their partnership would last for years, their friendship would last a lifetime. The programs created by Doreen and Patty were different than those that motivated because in their programs participants became magnetized. Soon hospitals, schools, and businesses wanted their staff Magnetized. Fully expecting the individual transformations, Doreen was pleasantly surprised for the collective results. The participants were naturally and effortlessly magnetizing each other and the phenomenon of Social Magnetizing™ was born. Pre Internet, Social Magnetizing™ could only be done in small local groups. It would take another two decades before the first Social Magnetizing Site® could do for the world what Doreen had accomplished with these small groups.

During the evolving days of magnetizing and Social Magnetizing™, Doreen had her first child and wrote her first book. Jaclyn Taylor and Health beyond Belief became her greatest accomplishments to date. However, it would be her daughter Jaclyn that would shift her magnetized mission into full gear. Doreen wanted to start a new generation of magnetized, energy responsible children and what better place to start then with her own child! From the time she could talk, Jaclyn was shifting her own energy and like her mother, shifting everyone around her. Jaclyn’s energy education throughout her early years would be both life transforming and lifesaving with the challenges she would face. Doreen unknowingly was not only creating a new generation but a new breed of women: Jaclyn was without a doubt the first “Chick with Magnetude®!”

Doreen’s mission was very clear once she had a child. She was determined to raise a child who was unblocked and unbound. After hundreds of hours of seminars, tapes and books in the self-help genre, she realized the self-help world was on the right track, but the wrong path. Doreen agreed with the fact that the self-help world was all about energy and was created within us. What she disagreed with however, was that it wasn’t putting energy out into the Universe, rather it was letting the Universal energy flow in through the individual. She stopped everything when she realized nothing was working, and it was then she created her own rules eliminating struggle and suffering from the life of her daughter. With clarity, Doreen knew exactly what Unblocked and Unbound meant, for both her life and her child. Unblocked is when the inner self is completely free of fear, approval and struggle. Unbound is in the physical life not putting parameters on what a person is capable of. Her daughter could create and have an effortless life filled with joy and abundance. Every great mind had said we were born in an effortless energy and Doreen was determined to make it happen.

The bone chilling events of September 11, 2001 would test her resolve and energy knowledge to the utmost. Called in as a grief counselor to help the survivors with all they had witnessed, Doreen and dozens of other therapists were in over their heads. Everyone knew that “talk about your feelings” or “have faith’ would not work with this group of grieving, traumatized individuals. Doreen realized this was a time for action and in a bold move took the lead in this unprecedented task. Relying on the process that had yet to fail with thousands of people, Doreen created an energy shift among her first group. This shift made such an impact that the other counselors were stunned. It would prove to be a transformational experience that would last for months longer than expected (Doreen’s contract was renewed three times). She also became the counselor to the counselors, teaching them how to shift energy. Still not officially named, everyone involved in this monumental shift felt “magnetized.”

Forever indebted to the men and women who allowed Doreen to enter their most private and painful time in their lives, the September 11th counseling experience forever changed her personally and professionally. The magnitude of the shift she had witnessed, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this energy understanding and keeping people magnetized was the missing ‘peace’ in every system of life. Doreen felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to share this with the world, but knew she couldn’t do it alone. It would take another ten years and a whole new breed of women--Chicks with Magnetude™--to revolutionize both life and social networking., the first Social Magnetizing Site®, launching in the spring of 2012, combines the truth of the ages with the technology of the time to create one sensuously powerful site. Finally Doreen can say of her life long magnetized mission, “Mission Accomplished!”


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