Leap Year Sparks Creative Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Expert, Charles Gaudet, Reveals Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs Looking to Take Advantage of Leap Year Opportunities...

Leap Year Marketing Strategies

Leap Year Provides a Great Opportunity for Creative Marketing Strategies

It's not enough to offer a 'sale' or a 'special offer' ... The most effective marketing strategies give your customers a reason why you're doing something special for them and Leap Year provides entrepreneurs with this reason.

On February 29, 2012, the world will be experiencing an event that takes place only once every four years known as Leap Year. During this same time, marketing expert, Charles Gaudet, encourages entrepreneurs and small business owners to use the opportunity to get in front of prospects and current customers to create an event that stimulates additional sales activity.

“It’s not enough to offer a ‘sale’ or a ‘special offer’ without a specific reason for the occasion,” says Gaudet, “The most effective marketing strategies give your customers a reason why you’re doing something special for them and Leap Year provides entrepreneurs with this reason.”

Gaudet offers some creative Leap Year marketing strategies for entrepreneurs:

1.    With February 29th extending the sales year by one extra day to 366 days, a business owner could create a special sale that passes along the extra-day profits as savings to their customer-base.

2.    Leap Year is a once every four year event, entrepreneurs could offer a 25% discount on some of their highest profit products (or a 29% discount for February 29th).

3.    Does the entrepreneur have a specific celebration that occurred during the last Leap Year such as a special anniversary or milestone that was achieved? Now’s a great time to throw a special event.

4.    Create a special bonus offer, combination or product offering that suggests “29 Ways to (Insert Benefit)”

5.    Offer a special Leap Year benefit for customers for purchases made on February 29. Zappos is extending their usual 1-year guarantee to a 4 year guarantee for anyone that makes a purchase on Leap Year.

6.    Perhaps a quantity deal for customers who agree to purchase 29 days, 29 units or 4 days, 4 quarters or 4 units.

7.    Create a unique “Leap Year” product that’s only released once every four years. For example, a special “Leap Year Pizza” or a “Leap Year Beer.”

“Customers are attracted to new, exciting and entertaining ideas,” says Gaudet. “When you offer something original and special during a limited time event, you capture their attention and encourage them to buy. It’s a win/win situation for both the customers and the entrepreneur.”

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ABOUT CHARLES GAUDET: Gaudet started his first business at just four years old and has been involved in entrepreneurial enterprises ever since. Upon finding himself in millions of dollars of debt and under enormous stress at the age of 24, he and his wife systematically grew their first multi-million dollar company. Gaudet has traveled much of the world studying from business, political and social leaders studying entrepreneurial, marketing and business excellence. He is widely regarded as a marketing expert for consistently delivering windfalls of profits to his clients by unveiling opportunities that have been previously under-utilized or have gone unnoticed.

He is the founder of PredictableProfits.com and the author of the popular blog at http://www.PredictableProfits.com/blog.

ABOUT PREDICTABLE PROFITS: Predictable Profits is a leading small business marketing company and a division of Managed Marketing, LLC. The company specializes in finding overlooked marketing opportunities commonly found in most small-to-medium sized businesses and creating actionable marketing strategies for increasing a company’s profits. You can read more about Predictable Profits by visiting the company’s website at http://www.PredictableProfits.com.


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