“Winning at Aging” Provides Comprehensive Game Plan for the Second Half of Your Life

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New Book Presents Evidence-Based Strategies for Living Better and Longer. Author Dr. John Kalb presents latest research from neuroscience, anti-aging medicine, psychology, and spirituality for creating a healthy aging lifestyle.

Winning at Aging: Your Game Plan for Healthy Living

a veritable treasure trove of powerful, practical strategies and advice for youthing and aging gracefully
Harold Bloomfield, MD

What do Frank Shearer, Wesley Autrey, Ray Andersen, and Arthur Rubenstein have in common? Frank went water skiing, Wesley jumped onto the New York City subway tracks to rescue a fellow commuter, Ray turned his company around 180 degrees towards complete sustainability, and Arthur delivered a masterful piano performance. Here’s what these four remarkable individuals have in common: All of them were over 50 years of age when they achieved these remarkable things. In fact, Arthur was 80 and Frank—the water skiing guy—was 100.

In his new book, “Winning at Aging: Your Game Plan for Healthy Living,” Dr. John Kalb asks the provocative question: “How about you? What do you want to be capable of doing in your 50s, 80s, and beyond? Can you imagine yourself accomplishing something like they did? Do you have a game plan for healthy aging?”

“Winning at Aging” goes where few health books have gone before by providing readers with more than just a new diet or exercise program. Dr. Kalb takes the position that a bigger vision of our human predicament is needed, one that looks at both the angels of our higher nature and the darker side of our fears of inadequacy. Dr. Kalb explains how we need inspiration and purpose to live a fulfilling and truly healthy life. To combat self-sabotaging of our aim to create a more healthy and fulfilling life, he proposes what he calls the Magnificent Seven Dimensions of Successful Aging:

Starting from this bigger vision of the whole person in the midst of a complex world, Dr. Kalb brings into play cutting edge research from neuroscience, anti-aging medicine, and psychology. He does this in a style that deeply engages the reader through his clarity of expression, humor, and sage advice. He provides the ultimate game plan to:

  • Increase your healthy life span by 20 quality years
  • Enjoy your own authentic diet while reducing disease risk
  • Achieve permanent weight loss without dieting
  • Exercise for fun and maximize your benefits in minimal time
  • Keep your mind sharp and clear by stimulating and supporting your brain cells
  • Discover an exciting new vision and purpose for the second half of your life

“Winning at Aging” is being hailed as an important new book for any one who wants to live a
more healthy and vibrant life. Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of the bestselling “Making Peace
with Your Past,” calls the book a “veritable treasure trove of powerful, practical strategies and advice for youthing and aging gracefully.” While bestselling author Dr. Joe Marshalla says that this book “is the most practical, thorough, comprehensive, accurate, down-to-earth, compassionate, and fun-loving guide to what we all must ultimately face.”

Dr. Kalb encourages everyone to begin their journey into wellness: “Winning at aging starts now, regardless of your age. It’s always the right time to find a new vision and live your dreams. Be curious, be grateful, be active, be wise, be nourished, and give. And win at aging!”

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Publication information:
Winning at Aging: Your Game Plan for Healthy Living
By John M. Kalb, M.S., D.C.
ISBN: 978-1-935952-49-7
Original Trade Paperback / $16.95
Published by Confluence Books, Ashland, Oregon
Distribution: Publishers Group West/Perseus Book Group


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