Grow Up America: Psychotherapist Urges Readers to Seek the Path of Real Maturity in New Book

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"What is maturity?" asks Paul Dunion in a new book, Dare to Grow Up. "People often think it’s something that you gain over the years, feeling that if you live long enough, you’ll end up a mature person. But it’s an achievement, one that not only takes time, of course, but effort and courage as well."

Dare to Grow Up by Paul Dunion

Are you ready to take emotional growth seriously? Are you willing to embrace clarity about your values, your self, and your goals in life?

Paul Dunion wants everyone to open to the possibility of who they are meant to be. In Dare to Grow Up, his soulful new guide to personal accountability and emotional maturity, Dunion presents a useful and compelling roadmap for anyone, as the author says, “unwilling to fall prey to the developmental mediocrity” that many, if not most of us, settle for in life. If you’re willing to go for it—really live to your fullest potential—Dunion is ready to show you what it takes to get there.

“It’s challenging to commit to authentic growth,” says the author of two previous books, Temptation in the House of the Lord and Shadow Marriage: A Descent into Intimacy. A psychological healer and philosopher, Dunion has written a book that is not for “dabblers.” “Are you ready to take emotional growth seriously? Are you willing to embrace clarity about your values, your self, and your goals in life? If so, you’ve come to the right place.”

Dare to Grow Up: Learn to Become Who You Are Meant to Be, as the complete title suggests, challenges the reader to a self-examined life. The content is practical and immediately applicable. Dunion shows how to develop a sense of self-loyalty, avoid self-betrayal, augment personal power and create a solid foundation for emotionally intimate relationships. His insight on the nature and creation of effective self-boundaries—vital for the preservation of individual integrity and true emotional connectedness—is, alone, worth the time you’ll spend with this eye-opening take on the emotional maturation process and how to get on top of it.

Emotional maturation, unlike biological maturation, does not take place automatically. With minimal care and attention, your kidneys will grow to their proper size. Your “soul,” your “character”—“who you were meant to be,” on the other hand, can remain stunted and undeveloped no matter how many years you’ve logged on planet Earth, maintains Dunion. “Maturation,” he says, “must be directed, supported, and encouraged.” Western culture, in particular, he opines, has drifted so far from the values and norms required for true, integrated maturation, that our ability to unfold has been severely hampered. “It’s no wonder we’ve given up on exploring and making peace with the mystery of existence,” says the leader of more than 300 workshops and talks at places such as the Omega Institute, known for awakening the best in the human spirit.

“[Dunion] presents a deep and comprehensive view of the human person in relationship with others, and in doing so he doesn’t leave out soul,” says Thomas Moore, author of the bestseller Care of the Soul, who, in his foreword, calls Dunion’s writing "unique, intelligent and demanding." Demanding, it seems, because the blossoming of human potential, finding the pearl in the oyster of life, demands courage and perseverance. Do you have what it takes? For those willing to take up Dunion’s challenge, Dare to Grow Up will prove itself to be a most valuable read.

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Dare to Grow Up: Learn to Become Who You Are Meant to Be
By Paul Dunion
Bartleby Press, ISBN: 978-0-910155-87-8; trade paper, 308 pp., $16.95

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Paul Dunion is a psychological healer and philosopher. He offers individual and couples sessions, groups and workshops aimed at deepening the capacity to experience the richness and mystery of life. He is the author of Shadow Marriage: A Descent into Intimacy and Temptation in the House of the Lord. He is the founder of COMEGA (Connecticut Men’s Gathering). He is also the founder of Boys to Men, a mentoring program for teenage boys in Norwich, CT.

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