MoSync Introduces MoSync 3.0 for JavaScript Developers that Want to Use HTML5 Tech to Create Cross-platform Web, Native and Hybrid Applications with One Mobile SDK

MoSync AB a leading provider of developer tools, announces today MoSync 3.0. It´s the first mobile development SDK to offer web developers native and hybrid cross-platform application development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. With today's announcement, MoSync expands its cross-platform solution to serve JavaScript developers who use HTML5 technologies and want to create native or hybrid mobile applications. MoSync 3.0 is now free for download at

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JavaScript and HTML5 with MoSync

JavaScript and HTML5 with MoSync

MoSync 3.0 is very easy to use, and developers can start by packaging a pure web application for distribution through various app stores

Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB) March 19, 2012

Web developers face three major challenges when developing for mobile devices - the limitations of today’s mobile web browsers, the fragmentation of devices and operating systems and competing with the dominant distribution channels offered by various app stores.

MoSync AB now offers a powerful and future proof solution for web developers who create mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone with the latest release of MoSync. With MoSync 3.0, developers can use HTML5 technologies to create hybrid apps or native apps with native features and UI experience for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and submit them to multiple app stores within hours instead of weeks.

For apps which require deeper access to OS functionality developers can leverage MoSync´s easy-to-use JavaScript APIs for accessing native features like notification, NFC, Accelerometer, Camera, Geolocation, PIM and much more.

Great user experience is the hallmark of any successful mobile application, Regular web applications often fall short of this standard, as they are unable to access the native UI controls of the platform. MoSync 3.0 supports real native UI for iOS, Android, Windows Phone accessible from JavaScript.

“MoSync 3.0 is very easy to use, and developers can start by packaging a pure web application for distribution through various app stores. Then, as additional requirements emerge, it is easy to connect to more native functionality and create powerful and responsive native apps” said Henrik von Schoultz cofounder of MoSync

The latest release of MoSync, is released along with extensive documentation, examples and tutorials.

MoSync AB
MoSync AB(founded 2004) is the company behind the award-winning open source MoSync Mobile SDK. The MoSync Mobile SDK is a complete, rich, cross-platform mobile application development SDK. It's designed by mobile app developers for mobile app developers. With MoSync developers can create richer, faster apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other major mobile platforms, using standard JavaScript, HTML5 and C++. The company offers subscriptions, training and support for the MoSync SDK. Learn a lot more at